NDS / USB vs. Streaming

I’m wondering how much better my NDS could sound by improving the switch, streaming app etc.

I have a theory that the best possible sound should be heard by playing directly from a USB stick plugged into the NDS ie path of least resistance, and so I could use this as a reference to see if my streaming set up is lacking in any way by playing the same piece of music both ways and comparing.

I’ve never tried the USB port and I’d need to obtain a stick. And I guess all sticks are not equal.

But before I go any further down this path, does my theory sound correct?

I found sound quality on my NDX as good via USB as UPnP, and this seemed to be the consensus amongst others who tried it.
I usually used very cheap memory sticks and never found any differences between them in sound.


Tried the USB port with both a Memory stick and also an iPod, sound was no different as the Ethernet input.

I found that the EtherRegen into the NDS provided a good jump for the UPnP input.
Plus a Chord Sarum Tuned Array Streaming cable for this connection.

Also a True Audio Signal Ultimate DIN->RCA into my Sim Audio Moon amp improved things also.

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Calling @Igel :kissing_heart:

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I can’t discern a negligible difference on my SU or 272. If your network is optimized I doubt you’ll notice a difference. And streaming via network allows for a better interface imo.


USB Sticks sound very good into the NDS.
All USB sticks do not
sound the same,the best I have tried are Integral 8 GB and 16GB.


If you have a large collection, would you really want hundreds of sticks? You may as well keep the CDs. Just let them live on the NAS, choose them from the app and be happy. Life’s too short.


I’m more for the best sound,than convenience.

Or in Roon with the NDS as an endpoint

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