NDS with XP5 XS

I have a second system which is principally home cinema set-up with AV2/DVD5/N-sats. A few years ago I added ND5 XS with XP5 XS to extend as home-office music. Now think to upgrade, although a bit sceptic if anything much more will be heard through AV2 etc. Has anyone tried NDS-XP5 XS? and would it give anything in such a set-up?

Thank you!

p.s. would it be interesting or alternatives or do nothing best !

There was a review called mid-price Naim where they tested the NDS with an XP5 and were quite surprised at how good it was.

I recall on the old forum that Frank Abela, now sadly no longer with us, was of the opinion that the NDS was Naim’s best digital source, and that it was worth getting your hands on one even if you had to compromise with a lesser power supply such as the XP5. Not a comparison I’ve made myself, but if he was around, I’m sure he would have been urging you to go for it. Obviously this predated the arrival of the 2nd generation streamers, but if you are happy with the slightly dated range of functions of the old models, go for it.

Problem with an XP5 power supply is it’s old tech regulation, nothing like DR. I suspect the combo would not realise the full potential of NDS

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