NDS / XPSDR Unbalanced?

Hi all,

An opportunity has come up to purchase a SH NDS which would replace my NDX partnered with an XPSRDR. Would this be unbalanced?

Ultimately my ears will decide but I wanted to hear from those that have gone down this path.

2018 was an expensive year of upgrades so don’t fancy shelling out on a new 555PS anytime soon, so I could easily be listening to the NDS / XPDDR combo for a few years.

Current system, 282, SC, 250DR, Fraim.


Not unbalanced as such. You just won’t be hearing the NDS at its best.

NDS is a fantastic source and will work well with a pre-loved 555PS (non-DR). Those ones can be surprisingly affordable (around 60% of a new XPSDR).

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I have just made this move with an XPS DR and I am delighted with it. My system is very similar to yours I upgraded from an NDX.

The dealer I purchased it from said that when they have compared the NDS with XPS DR to 555 non DR the 555 isn’t necessarily better, being swings and roundabouts with no outright winner.

If course it’s a different matter with a 555 DR.

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Thanks for your input guys.

Adam, Not much of a SH market here down under so could be some time before a see any opportunity of a 555PS come up if at all. I’ve never bought from international auction sites, I’m a bit nervous of them. I guess the NDS would match my Supercap, as in not getting the full potential out of it😂

Tricky-D, it’s great to see you have enjoyed your upgrade so much. I have a spare Fraim shelf turning up in the next day or two, when it arrives I think I’ll get myself moving on a home audition.

I recently traded my N272/250DR for a like new NDS (2016).I was using an XPSDR with my 272,and am now using it with the NDS.I love the combo,big improvent over the 272,but I have not heard either with a 555DR.I have too much gear in my apartment,so it was kind of a downsize move,box wise,but definitely an upgrade,soundwise.

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That sounds interesting, what pre are you now using?

I heard a NDS/555PS vs a 272/555PS at my dealers. There was an uplift with the NDS as you would expect but it didn’t hit me in the face like a oh wow moment. Saying that, I always struggle hearing the big improvements at my dealers, at home is where I really appreciate the differences.

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Hi @Boom,
As per @trickydickie I also made the same move in the last couple of weeks.
I moved to a 2016 NDS from NDX/XPS DR/SN2/HC DR and even on XPS DR level it’s a great upgrade.
As Adam says, a 555PS DR will make a big difference, but for now I’ve got an NDS that I couldn’t afford when new which is a great upgrade, with a possible upgrade path to really make it sing when funds allow.
Definitely not unbalanced.
See if you can get a home trial to hear it in your own space, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.
Good luck!


I am using it as a source for Dynaudio XD 600’s (active digital out)and I use it into a Cary Audio Cinema 12(analog outs) with an Anthem amp driving Sopra 1’s.I had my home theatre gear just sitting around,not being used,and it sounds surprisingly good,mainly from the Cary pre,I suspect.

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Thanks Chris, sounds reassuring, and the potential upgrade when funds allow is a great point.

My friendly dealer has always been obliging with home demos so shouldn’t be a problem.


So I made the move to an NDS in 2016, when I was running an ND5XS with XP5XS, and used the NDS with the XP5XS power supply for a while! Probably the 1st pairing of an NDS with this PSU (but if needs must!) This was a significant upgrade, so will be well worth it while S/H NDS values are presently low, as there is supply following ND555 upgrade fever.
I would plan for a 555DR sooner than later, as you will want to get the best from the NDS, as it draws you in.

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Thanks for your story Simon, I’m sure if I go for the NDS I will ultimately end up with a 555PS when funds allow as it is its natural partner. By the sounds of it, I will still enjoy the upgrade using it with my XPSDR In the mean time.


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