NDX 2 and a howling noise

I’ve now had this marvellous device for a couple of years, and it has been excellent. However, last night, feeling like a bit of music, I switched it on (it streams from a Synology DiskStation) - and was greeted by this howling sound through the speakers, sounding very much like massive electronic interference. The track I’d selected was playing, but it was barely audible under this constant howl. My other sources (CD player, old Logitech Squeezebox) play perfectly well. And, no, I have changed nothing in the system, so I start to wonder whether something has gone wrong with the NDX 2, unlikely as that seems. As my knowledge of electronics extends to spelling the word correctly (well, most of the time), I’d appreciate any thoughts.

I would be tempted to just disconnect the power for a few minutes…then repower and let it reboot. If it continues, a call to your dealer or Naim?

I agree with Gazza. I would do a hard re-boot (power off) and hopefully it will clear. Sounds like maybe the DAC DSP got its knickers in a twist? If not contact your dealer.

Are other sources OK?

Thank you, I’ll try that sometime during the week. Of course, it could also be the DiskStation (it’s the only other element in the system, as the amp seems fine).

I had something very similar immediately after a firmware update. Powered everything down completely for a few minutes and after switching back on has been fine since.

Gents, thank you all very much. I unplugged the NDX 2, left it for a few hours, and when I tried again, it worked fine. Strange and wonderful are the ways of things electronic.


How very true. I often despair when electrical engineers try to deny the independent minds/actions of electronic devices.

You may like this: Cosmic rays causing 30,000 network malfunctions in Japan each year

Thank heavens for that. Aliens, not sentient appliances :relieved:. Thanks for the link.

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When I read passages like this:
Soft errors occur when the data in an electronic device is corrupted after neutrons, produced when cosmic rays hit oxygen and nitrogen in the earth’s atmosphere, collide with the semiconductors within the equipment.
I seriously wonder what the writer has been drinking and/or smoking, and wonder how I can get some…

Neutrons may be wrong, but the gist of it is real: Cosmic ray - effect on electronics

I had something similar with my office system - a Dell PC into Chord2Qute and on to Nait 1 / nSats. I rebooted the Chord DAC and it was fine again. Not sure what had happened, or what the DAC was doing, but the reboot corrected it.

Me too though it only happened after one of the updates I had. Hopefully it won’t happen again

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