NDX 2 and Muso QB 2 group volume control

Hello and a merry Christmas to all.

I am having an issue with my NDX 2 and Muso QB 2 group volume control.

I have the NDX 2 on my main floor listening room. It is attached by 3.5 mm cable to my Supernait 3 and System Automation is turned on.

I also have a Muso QB 2 in my bedroom, upstairs.

When I am using the Naim App to listen to music (either in my listening room or in my bedroom upstairs) and I turn on Multiroom/Group Volume, I can only adjust the volume on both NDX 2 and Muso QB 2 simultaneously - such that both sliders move up and down simultaneously. I am unable to adjust the volume of one without the other volume slider moving simultaneously.

Does anybody know why?

I just tried with my own NDX2 and Muso QB2 and it’s the same as you describe - I can only change “Group Volume”.
Even if I move the slider adjacent to the Muso QB2, it moves “Group Volume” too.
It appears to be a glitch.

This was meant to be fixed during the last update but it seems it has been missed.

Thank you. I thought it was odd. I hope it gets addressed via update soon.

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