NDX 2 and XPS-DR

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to disconnect the external power supply maybe every six months to fire up the internal power supply of the NDX2. Got to keep those caps from dying from no use, just in case you’d ever want to go back.

Does anybody else do this?

I always thought it was age that kills Caps, and usage has no effects, but I am no electronics engineer, so hopefully someone else will advise.

Probably not a bad idea. Just in the same way as you might get an old amp out the cupboard and fire it up once in a while. Maybe use it for a few weeks without the ps every now and again and then when you go back to the ps it will remind you what you spent the extra money on.

Degradation of electrolytic caps is by age. Can be accelerated by heat too. Its both a chemical and drying out thing.

I disconnected the XPS-DR last night for a few hours. The naked NDX2 doesn’t sound that bad at all. At least the internal power supply works and got a little workout. I have to get my moneys worth. I paid or those pieces in there. :wink:

I’d disconnect the Xps-DR and plug in a 555 ps :joy:

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