NDX 2 app for Android

Hi All

I just unpacked and installed my NDX 2- very nice piece of kit.

I wanted to try the Naim NDX app, but after 3 attemps it couldn’t find any device. The phone was next to the NDX.

Is this normal- has anyone tried it and it works?


The app should find the NDX easily. You may have overlooked something simple, such as checking that your phone is connected to your home network, not just a mobile network.

My NDX2 takes a few moments to be found but, on one occasion, my iPhone had dropped off my wifi therefore couldn’t find it.
I have no experience of the Android app.

The distance of your phone to the NDX2 makes no difference, Wi-Fi is not a point to point protocol unlike Bluetooth.

Could you described your network setup? Is your NDX2 connected via cable or Wi-Fi?

Good point about the phone- I tried on a Tablet. I can see 2 icons for my NAC 272 and NDX 2. The NAC connects without any issues, but the NDX will not connect. Is there a setting which needs to be activated on the NDX?

NDX 2 is connected to the network: internet radio works.

Check the version of the Naim app you are using is current.

And if the NDX2 is connected by WiFi then try temporarily using an ethernet cable instead.

Even though your NDX2 is connected to the internet, the app needs to see a particular response from the NDX2 and it could be that this aspect of the connection isn’t working properly. Replacing WiFi by ethernet takes one unknown out of the puzzle.



Thanks for your suggestion- the app was installed on Saturday and I connected with the cable. But still the same- no connection.

The only thing that works as far as I can tell is the internet radio. How do I get this to connect to my HDX? There is no manual and I am sure I have tried all combinations on screen.

Have I just bought the most expensive internet radio- it’s the only thing which works. I am so disappointed in this. I was using a super cheap and old TEAC streamer which connected without any problems.

Has anyone else had problems with the NDX 2?

I presume you want the NDX2 to use the HDX as a server, and it should appear automatically in the NDX2 Server input. You will not be able to see this until you have solved the app discovery issue, though. (You could connect it over SPDIF and control it with N-Serve, but I presume this is not what you have in mind.)
Can you try using another music app on your phone just to see if it will find the NDX2? For example, try Tidal, Soundcloud, or any app that uses AirPlay or Chromecast just as a test to see if it can discover the streamer.

Have you contacted the dealer? Is there a dealer?

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Last night, I had some issues with my own NDX2.
After searching this forum, I found a post where someone had their own Naim streamer connected via a local switch, in order to have the NAS drive nearby.
This is how my own was configured.
However, after a few issues last night, I took the Switch out and connected my NDX2 directly to the Ethernet.
It now connects perfectly every time (touch wood) so until I can find a solid solution (possibly a better quality switch) I shall keep my NAS drive (or in my case Naim HDX) in a remote location, not via a switch.

What switch was it?

The switch causing me issues was/is a Netgear model GS308P.
8 Port with 4 Port POE.

Hmmm interesting. Normally the Netgear ones are ok, the GS108 I believe is recommended by Naim.

All I know is it doesn’t work in my system :frowning:

If what describe is correct & it’s connected correctly, then it will be a defective switch. Nothing to do with the brand or type.

Exactly what I was about to say. The Netgear switches just work, unless one is faulty of course.

Good thought. I do have another new identical one which I must try.
I’ll let you know how I get on but just about to go away for a week so might take a while.

I’ve actually just unplugged and reconnected the switch and all cables, and it seems to be working correctly now.
Maybe just “one of those things” or a dodgy connection.
I’m away for a week now but will see how it runs on my return.

Out of interest, would it make any difference using the PoE ports over non-PoE?

Unlikely, the switch will more than likely detect that you are using a non-PoE device and continue to function without supplying power. Nothing to lose by trying any other port, though.