NDX 2 Bluetooth Not Discoverable

I recently upgraded to an NDX 2. I wanted to play my Apple laptop through my Hifi and tried to use the NDX 2 bluetooth for the first time. The NDX 2 was not discoverable on my laptop. I checked on my iPhone and the NDX 2 is also not discoverable. The aerial is certainly there and the app option is set to to " open pairing". Any ideas for what is wrong ? Many thanks for suggestions.

Not sure about the Bluetooth issue - i take it you have both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth antennas connected ?
Alternatively, I’d use Airplay from your laptop to the NDX2 which should sound better too.

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Your should be able to redirect all your sound via airplay to the NDX2 - this is what I see

Also under “Input settings”, check that Airplay is enabled

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Many thanks both - Airplay works a treat. Bluetooth also has resolved itself after being connected via Airplay. So all solved.

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