? NDX 2 > Burndy Interconnect > XPS 2 (nonDR)?

I enjoyed my NDX > nDAC with XPS 2 (nonDR) power supply for many years.

Today I traded-in the NDX and the nDAC and purchased a NDX 2.

The main reason I purchased the NDX 2 is because it is Roon Ready and because it can be upgraded with an external power supply.

The Burndy Interconnect I used to connect the nDAC to the XPS 2 (nonDR) power supply (S-XPS 0013) does not seem to work with the new NDX 2 streamer.

What Burndy Interconnect is required to power the NDX 2 with an XPS 2 (nonDR) power supply?

My apologies if the question has been answered before. I searched the forum, but could not find an answer.

Thank you!

Hi @razzzor1963 I used the SXPS Burndy too with nDAC and 555PSDR. I sold nDAC and now use the NDX2 with 555PSDR using the same Burndy cable - it connects fine. My dealer gave me a useful tip when connecting the Burndy - each Burndy connector end has a series of ridges visible in the inner black ring - the widest (or thicker) ridge should always be in the 12 o’clock position (at the top) as you line it up to connect it. The labelled end of the cable should go to NDX2 (as source).

Razor, the S-XPS Burndy should work fine - are you saying you can’t get it to fit, or that once all hooked up (remember to unplug the mains lead from the NDX2) that it doesn’t work?

Yes, I made that mistake at first - with the mains plug still connected NDX2 after connecting it to the PSU.

Thanks bongoman for the useful tip!

I had both the XPS and the mains lead connected to the NDX 2, and I was getting the power button on the NDX 2 blinking in a series of three (blink, blink, blink, pause…).

I have powered everything down and disconnected the mains lead. Now only the XPS power supply powers the NDX 2.

It works!

Thanks again for your support!

Time to enjoy my new gear! :smiley:

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