NDX 2 front panel buttons aren't lit

Dear Naim forum users,

the front panel buttons don’t appear to be lit anymore (just an impercettible amount). However if I press them, they light up. I think I noticed this happening after turning the device on from a standby.
During standby mode, the power button remains correctly lit.

I’ve already turned it completly off and unplugged it from the mains, but nothing has changed so far.

Is there a solution? Do you think it’s a hardware or software problem (my firmware is still

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

Remote control, 2nd row of buttons, right hand side - icon looks a little like a sun.
This button turns my buttons on or off.
Perhaps you have pressed this and turned them off?


Nice to know I’m not the only one that doesn’t know what or how to control everything. As a newbie to streaming, I have to admit, I am usually mystified as much when it works properly as when it does not, and the universal icons are not universal enough for me.


Might it be only that? I can’t wait to try it when I come back at home.
I’ll let you know…meanwhile thank you very much for your help!


As a matter of fact, you won’t find all the answers in Naim manuals, I think.
Luckily we have this forum!

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I expect so.

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… and I really hope so, as my NDX 2 has behaved well so far.

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Excellent, everything works perfectly and the buttons’ mistery is solved. Sorry for the silly question, I had no idea. Thanks to you all for your prompt help!

Now I can come back enjoying the NDX 2 :grinning:


What, the buttons light up?
Next you’ll be telling me you can have the screen text in Naim green rather than that awful white colour?

Well that function wasn’t really explained in the manual. I just found an explanation in the Naim website support section. However screen text in white is better than green, at least in my opinion.

The manual is at best not good. And the remote buttons are not obvious. Many just are not really required.

It’s hard not to agree on that! I do use just a few buttons, maybe all those buttons are more suitable to other Naim products.

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