NDX 2 / NAC 252 changing source between albums

Hi can anyone help with this? Using the app each time I change albums the source on the pre changes from 1 (in from NDX 2) to 3 HDD. I have to re select every time! Is this a bug or strange setting somewhere? Please can some put me out of my misery?!

Are you using system automation? Do you have automatic input switching enabled on the preamp?

If the latter, it’s all in the 252 manual. If the former, you need to change the streamer input in the app.

Another option is simply to connect the NDX2 to input 3.

Hi HH, it’s been set up and working perfectly for a several months. This issue is a new thing. I have automation switched on. Will check in case it’s reset if we had a power blip maybe…

Ok so I enter prog mode and MON should illuminate if auto input selection is enables, it isn’t illuminated. So as per the manual i press MON to enable, but it just switches it straight off and problem prevails…

Are you using system automation using the little wire between the two boxes? If so you need to choose the appropriate streamer input in the app.

Yes have automation and the remote cable. Seems the issue is the app on iPad is not saving the selected streamer input. Keeps jumping to HDD but all works fine on other devices. Only shifts when I turn iPad app on. I’ll try a rebuild on the iPad and see what the does. Thanks for your replies.

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