NDX 2 + new or secondhand amp?

I used to own an olive system a number of years ago before straying from the Naim path - I am now thinking of returning to the fold!

I have two options in my mind: NDX 2 & SN3 or NDX 2 & secondhand 282/200 combo.

Without doing the required demo (I know!) - my question is really around whether it is sensible to consider a secondhand pre-amp that may be 10 or even 15 years old?

I think costs for these options would be similar. What other things / options should I consider? Please note that I don’t want to go on another massive upgrade journey … well, maybe a PSU at some point :wink:

I wouldn’t consider the 282 unless you’ll definitely get a Hicap, or if the 200 is a 200DR. Older equipment is perfectly fine but you may need to factor in the cost of servicing. It’s also worth beating in mind that more boxes mean more shelves. Just as important, what is your gut feeling about the options? Gut feelings are rarely wrong and all too often ignored.

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I like the idea of SN3 as it keeps the box count down and has a headphone amp built in. On the other hand I always fancied a 282 (I had a 102)…

With a 282 you’ll need 282, napsc, Hicap and 200. If you want a Naim headphone amp you’ll also need a power supply. Just decide if you want to go there.

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