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Hi all I hope you can help!
I’ve just upgraded from Nd5xs2 to the fantastic NDX2 and I’m loving it so far.
I have one small issue, so to all you knowledgeable people.
Should the main screen on the NDX2 show the server, tidal and Qobuz inputs?

The above 3 inputs work fine from the app but I can’t select them from the remote or device.
Your help would be much appreciated.

Hi, these inputs can only be controlled from the app. It seems odd to me that Naim moved to a fancy new Zigbee remote control and colour screen, but removed the ability to control these inputs which was there in the old models.

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Thanks Chris for the clarification.
Yes seems strange on Naims website it states you can select the server input from device buttons, remote and app.
Mine is only showing these inputs on the app.

You should be able to cycle through the inputs by pressing the third button down, on the front of the unit. There is a matching button on the remote.

Thanks. I can cycle through the inputs with the remote. I just can’t see the server, tidal and Qobuz inputs on the screen to cycle through.

As a soon to be new ndx2 user can anyone explain the various volume control methods via automation and what will be seen on the app/ndx2 screen. My understanding is that fixed volume is preferred for sq reasons but no numbers appear on the screen.

There is no numerical volume when using the analogue volume pot on a Naim preamp. You just get + and - buttons with system automation set up.

Many thanks, as I suspected.

This is what I’m experiencing

The first picture is what I see too on the home screen of my ND555.

Thanks Clive do you have the server, tidal and Qobuz inputs when you select inputs from the home screen?

@Turbo this might be a dumb suggestion but have you checked in the App (Settings/Input Settings) to make sure that the Music Server / Tidal / Qobuz Inputs are enabled ?

*edit, should have ready your first initial post, sorry!

All sorted now, missed this in the trouble shooting section the first time I looked.
Feel a bit of a plonker now :joy:

Can I access UPnP through the remote?

naim NDX 2

  1. No UPnP is only available via the app.
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