NDX 2 no sound on left channel

I have a 1/2 year-old NDX 2 that I bought new. When I played music a couple days ago, I noticed that no audio was coming out of the left channel. I took it back to my dealer and they were astonished saying no Naim product has ever failed like that. Has anyone else experienced that kind of failure in the streamers? What could it be? Am wondering if I should request complete replacement because this seems like a potential catastrophic failure in my NDX 2.

Yes this is potentially well known, i had a relay on the din input affecting one channel on my nd555 a few years back.

As Gazza says, it’s a well known issue most probably a defective relay (the component supplier’s fault, not Naim’s). Of course it might be something else, but probably not.

It’s not catastrophic at all, but it will need to go back to the factory (or to your national service centre if not UK).



As others have said it could be a relay had the same on my ND555 disappointing but these things do happen.

Depending on your location a factory job or Naim service centre did your dealer loan you something to tide you over ??

If you are using din to din interconnect, you might find that the rca output is fine which would suffice until Naim and dealer decide on what to do.

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Yes, it could well be a fishy interconnect. But more likely a dodgy relay.

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I lost a channel due to a dodgy relay, but on a 282 as opposed to a streamer.

Thanks for the responses! I have a non-Naim amp so my connection is RCA/RCA. Given that, might it still be a faulty relay? I am in the US and have been told the unit would need to go to Canada for service.

Yes, still likely to be a faulty relay unfortunately, a din to rca cable would perhaps get you by?

As Gazza says. That is what I would try if it were me.

Thank you kindly everyone–I feel reassured!

It still needs fixing though, my dealer would makeup a din to rca cable in their shop in a few minutes, not sure what your dealer can do in this respect. But it will get the music flowing again while they come up with a plan. Hope it works out, keep us all posted.

Do the other inputs work ok? If so plug the NDX2 into an input known to work. If you’re still silent in one channel it’s the NDX2, if it works then it’s the input you currently use for the streamer.

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I got it back to the dealer. They tested it and determined that indeed the left channel is dead. Their repair person will assess today to see if it’s something simple; if not, then it will be shipped to Naim service center in Canada.

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Lost my right channel on my 282 (from 2011) last week. The 282 is currently on its way to Naim.
My dealer thinks (after a check) it might be some relay…

My NDX2 was repaired and returned to me two weeks ago. The failure was in fact a faulty relay switch covered under warranty. Living in the states in North Carolina, the NDX2 was shipped to Naim USA in Canada.
Thank you all again for your information…a lot of expertise and experience in this forum.


I hope it’s faultless and you can enjoy it from now on!

Good to hear the NDX2 was fixed.
My 282 is also back in place (got it yesterday).
Sounds is as it should bee.
Happy day’s again!

Those relays must be Naims design weakness…

Naims achilles heel I’m sat here listening to my setup wondering am I next :thinking: