NDX 2 power button blinking!

Today morning when I used the remote to power the NDX 2 it was not responding and the power button started blinking randomly, after I unplugged and plugged again everything is normal now, what may be the reason, is there anything to worry as the unit is new and purchased only a couple of weeks back. Did anyone had the same issue earlier.

@Richard.Dane Appreciate your feedback please.

Have you tried powering down your NDX 2, remove the mains IEC cable. Then remove the ‘link’ blanking plug on the rear of the player and re-inserting it (instructions maybe in the manual on how to do this), making sure it’s fully home. Now re-connect the IEC lead and power the player back up.

I don’t know, sorry, I’m no expert on Naim’s streamers, so not sure what the random blinking might indicate. Something may just have got its knickers in a twist - a plug out, plug back in usually clears such things. If you’re concerned then speak to your dealer or have a word with Naim support.

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This has happened to me a couple of times, usually during or after an update when i think it’s frozen. I wait for a few minutes, then i have unplug then plug back in and then everything is normal again.

Yes unplugging and plugging again the unit is behaving normally, was worried as the unit is brand new and only a couple of weeks old.

Same here but hope not to have this issue again…

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