NDX 2 Relay noise

Today I noticed that while in the standby mode the relays keep clicking in an intervals time in NDX2, it is most noticeable during night when there is pin drop silence. How many of you have noticed this or there is an issue only in my unit. Also appreciate if you guys share the auto off time for your NDX2 or prefer to keep always ON.

If this is the same relay that turns the unit on from standby mode, it should be silent at all times except when it turns on or off, so I suspect that you have something a bit odd going on. Maybe a fault, or possibly a connected device trying to wake it. Can you remove any connected sources and see if anything changes? Maybe try disabling the remote too?

The noise is for multiple relays and not just one.

In that case I think you need to get it checked out by your dealer.

No clicking noises here either. I leave mine on 24/7 but sometimes it switches to standby mode during the night. Don’t know why and it happens randomly. I guess it’s triggered by a short drop of the internet signal or something.

May there is some issue as in less than a week the unit had stopped responding more than 3 times and had the power button randomly blinking, had the same issue this evening, had to remove the power plug and it’s back to normal, I do not know what is the problem.

I think I’d power it down, leave it for 10 mins, make sure the Burndy link plug is seated firmly and then power back up again.

If you continue to get problems then it’s time to speak to your dealer.

I’m assuming you are fully up to date on firmware ?

The unit has issues only after waking up from the stand by mode, other wise if kept ON all the time does not have any issues.

Just to note, there will be a fairly loud click of relays as you come out of standby mode or go into standby mode. This is quite normal.

As an FYI the multiple clicks from the relays are completely normal. There is a soft start relay which has an NTC thermistor in series with the transformer winding as an inrush current limiter. After which it is switched out of circuit.
So the start sequence is:
Click - Soft start relay on.
Short pause.
Click - Main relay on.
Click - Soft start relay off.


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Thanks a lot for the reply. When the unit is set to auto stand by mode it is refusing to start when pressed ON and the power button is blinking in some random numbers and has to be unplugged and plug in again. This has already happened 5-6 times in only 4 days, after that I have set the unit to always on mode, kindly comment what could be the possible issue and the remedy.

The flashes are a three digit fault code - flashes pause flashes pause flashes longer pause then repeat.
It sounds like it’s probably a hardware fault if it persists like that.
Certainly worth trying a factory reset before taking any further action.


The flash sequence is 4-2-5, I have done a factory reset this evening however kept the option for auto standby as never. Should I try keeping the auto stand by to 20 minutes and report tomorrow when I press ON in case there is any issue? What is the reason behind this flash sequence, is this an issue and needs repair?

From my memory, I think that is a streaming card comms error.
I would try to recreate the error with your original settings, and arrange a repair if it is indeed faulty.


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