NDX 2 remote and front panel functionality

Have I missed something, or have Naim really consciously decided that if my mobile device is somehow not available to me (eg no charge, stolen, broken etc), there is no way that I can use the remote control or front panel buttons to allow my £5,000+ network streamer to connect to my uPnP server to play music???

If this is the case I’d love to understand why because it’s probably one of the most stupid decisions I’ve ever encountered.

Before going off on one it’s perhaps worth reflecting on why you didn’t check the functionality before spending the £5,000.


I can’t speak from experience but it looks like the remote and buttons can be used :thinking:

Don’t think so (unless I’m missing something). If I cycle through the available inputs using the remote or front panel, the UPNP is not an option I can select. Seems they can only be selected via the app.

With the NDX2, upnp can only be selected using the app. It’s much easier and much nicer than using the remote or the buttons, which involve countless button presses.

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That is correct, UPNP can’t be controlled through the remote. More precisely, you can’t browse the server or select music to play, it does offer pause/play.

It does seem to be a retrograde step though, I can use the remote to use UPnP on my ND5XS - or at least I could if I had a working screen :wink:

Thanks, that’s helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to add your thoughts.

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We once had four banks in Emsworth, now we have none. I could select tracks with buttons on my SuperUniti, now I can’t with my NDX2. Hey ho, things change.

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I agree with Biggsy. Having owned an NDX for nearly 8 years I didn’t think to consider items of less functionality when considering the upgrade to NDX 2.

Yes, the app is much easier to use but the screen input (via buttons or hand control) was useful. This is one of the criticisms I have of the new streamer. Would this facility reduce your NDX 2 functionality?

When a Naim technician telephoned me several weeks ago to discuss one particular issue I had raised with my Dealer we expanded our conversation to include this particular matter (and others) and he agreed that this was something which was under consideration, i.e. the screen’s menu is of limited use. I’m sure you will agree that the present hand control has little use, following set-up, beyond being a paperweight.

He led me to believe that certain matters were under review … I live in hope. Having spent a small fortune on Naim kit I believe I have the right to be critical. How else will Naim know what their customers want?


Being able to select tracks using buttons is really pretty pointless when you have a very functional app. It is effectively the remote. Why would you want to sit in front of a box and press buttons when you can much more easily do it on the phone?

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Some people may wish too, you may consider it pointless but please try not to just jump in and criticise those who do


I regularly used the screen on the NDX to select music streamed from my NAS. It may not be as easy/convenient as using the App but there were/are times when my iPhone is not by my side.

Given how useless the NDX 2 screen is … what it does include (other than the image - which I love!) would be vastly improved if UPnP was available. Why are Spotify, USB and Bluetooth included … I never use them. Nor Favourites, though if I were to use Internet Radio maybe this would be useful.

Yes, I find that pathetic too. My ancient UnitiQute can do that in an emergency.

I have to disagree with that. I use it the whole time and probably more than the app. But I do use internet radio quite a bit.

The other big surprise to me, having upgraded from an ND5XS, was just how poor the NDX2 remote is compared to the ND5XS one.

The ND5XS remote had a lovely feel in the hand with a good sturdy build and nice tactile buttons. To my eyes the unit from the NDX2 looks cheap and screams “afterthought”.

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I think we have to accept that not all things can be all things. I think sometimes functionality is left out purposefully as it is just not going to be able to provide a pleasant experience. I use a hard drive with my NDX2 and using the remote to explore the hard drive is such a button clicking marathon that it is just not worth doing. Maybe devices like the NDX2/Uniti etc are more aimed at those who keep their mobile/tablet charged and in use on a daily basis. After all, without a mobile device one would not get very far with an NDX2.

I do agree with you on the remote though!

Piano gloss! Tacky as all hell. You only have to look at it wrong and it scratches. I reckon It should have been the same design, just with the same scratch resistant plastic as the older ones.

Think I might eventually buy an nd 555 remote. Although, I don’t actually know how much they are.

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I agree, the standard shiny black remote is horrid; it scratches and shows every fingerprint. But it matches perfectly the whole shiny shiny sharp edged Uniti look so it makes sense from a design perspective.

A 555 remote bought separately cost nearly £700 before the latest price increase. I have one, and it’s very lovely, but I didn’t pay nearly £700 for it.

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I think my main point wasn’t so much trying to use the remote as a permanent alternative to the app, more that if you cannot access the app for some reason (eg Wi-Fi is down, phone is broken or out of charge etc), there is no way of switching to the upnp input to play something, you’re stuck with one of the inputs that are selectable.

It’s no real biggy, I’m just a little surprised that on a unit like this you have to use the app for some functions and if the app is unavailable, you’re a bit stuffed