NDX 2 replace NDX plus nDAC

Hi all,
I own a NDX (with Non-Naim XPS) in combination with an nDAC (with Non-Naim XPS) to feed my NAC 282 (with Supercap).
If I sell the NDX/nDAC combi and buy a NDX 2, is the sound quality better?
And is the DAC inside the NDX 2 better than the one inside the nDAC? If yes, this would allow me to connect my TV/DVD to the NDX 2 instead to the nDAC.
Best regards Norbert

Many/most people seem to prefer the nDAC, if you search the forum for NDX2 and nDac you will find many threads. The NDX2 would give you the better internet streaming, if this matters


I think the ndac had the same burr brown dac chip as the nd555…


The dac chip is only part of it! And some would say the least significant part!
The analogue reconstruction part, and the quality of components make the real difference.

Does the OP just want a better sound, or the convenience of the gen2 streamer?

If you mainly stream Qobuz and Tidal, the Ndx2 will be better. But not night and day.
For local streaming, I would not trade. It will cost you a lot of money.
Or better by the Nd5xs2, and connect it to the Ndac. You will have the best upgrade for your money.


If your NDX has the FM module, and you like it, note FM is not an option on the newer models.


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Here is the answer to that…


It’s the best looking box there :+1:


It is, and the sound quality on FM is in a different league to the plug in FM module in the NDX.

Not the prettiest but surely with the most charm

The fact ( probably justified) that naim is progressively cutting the offer on tuner ( modules included), breaks my heart…

But it is what it is…

If you look at the pictures in System Pics, hardly anyone send to have an FM tuner these days. I love having one and wouldn’t want to be without it.


Unfortunately you’re right.
I’m on the same boat as you regarding love for the NAT’s :fire::wink:

Do you have one? There is nothing in your profile.

unrealized love… :joy:

Platonic one. :wink:

Ah, but of course, your UQ2 has FM. Sorry, I’d forgotten that.

Indeed HH. I must confess that at the beginning of 2020 I was thinking to change my UQ2 for a new Nova with module fm. but as my wife became unemployed and times were of uncertainty, I was postponing the acquisition. now with the context starting to change, Im thinking about the ndx2 sn3 duo. if so, i will do the same as you. Literally. :sweat_smile:

I find the FM module in the NDX sounds better than the one in my UQ2, which I suspect is influenced to some degree by the better antenna I use with the NDX.

More importantly, the FM on board sounds better than iRadio versions of local stations I listen to. And FM is less annoying to use: one local station plays an ad every time the internet connection resets.

The NDX-FM was the best performing FM tuner I had ever had before I added the NAT05XS- and is still the most convenient by virtue of allowing me to switch FM stations using the Naim app.


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Now I don’t even have a remote! I have to get up off my lardy bottom and twiddle the knob. But the 02 is very lovely, which makes up for the mild inconvenience.

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I admit I would love to own/use an 02 one day.

Now, back to the OP, who never mentioned FM — I did.