NDX 2 replace NDX plus nDAC

That would be nice. These past 18 months have been a huge challenge and you were very wise not to spend money that doesn’t need spending. But if you can manage it, the NDX2 and SN3 are a lovely combination. And of course, there is another box beneath the tuner, lurking out of sight.

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My current NDX has no FM Module, thus it´s ok for me without.

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What means OP ?

It’s a tricky question, as the PSUs come into the equation. The general view is that the NDX2 is significantly better, both in functionality and SQ. I’d suggest going for a proper Naim PSU though, if you want to ensure a real uplift. From another angle, two boxes is a lot simpler than four.

It means original poster, ie your good self.

Ah… ok thx :slight_smile:

Do you need an FM Ariel to get it working properly? I actually have an in-used Yamaha receiver in the house.

No. The nDAC/TXPS is rather significantly better than a bare NDX2. Been there, tried that.


My age’d Roksan. With a good signal it knocks spots off digital streams - bit of background hiss as you would expect but a much fuller sound.

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Back in 2019, I went from an NDX > DC1 > nDAC (XPS non-DR) to a NDX 2 (XPS non-DR), and I noticed a significant improvement when streaming Tidal Hifi through Roon.

I thought the change would be a sideways upgrade, but it was a step up in performance.

Can you borrow a demo model from the dealer and try it at home? This would be perhaps the best solution to answer your question.

I love my NAT05 and use it pretty much every day for BBC Radio 3 & 4.

I will try this as it seems to be the only possibility to have a clear outcome hereafter.

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I have only a system to play vinyl my amps are a 282 and 250 dr plus 2x hi caps. All a couple of years old. Now i want to add a streamer. Only thing is I need to use wi fi. I love vinyl sound from my set up and would not want less. How does an ndx 2 sound using wi fi. I have read so much from can’t tell the difference if its an auralic to wired Ethernet is always better if naim. Any helpers please

WiFi is just fine on the second generation Naim streamers like the NDX2. You may need to ensure that your network is good, and if you have a mediocre router like those supplied by some ISPs be prepared to replace it with something better. This is not expensive compared to the cost of a Naim system.

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Before I changed my streaming settings I bought a ear yoshino phonobox for my LP12.
The sound improvement was so significant better in comparison to my graham slee reflex (which was perfect before :), that I got in trouble hearing streaming music via NDX/Teddy XPS plus nDAC/Teddy XPS.
…but then, 1 month ago, I bought a Naim NDS (from 2012) and added my Teddy XPS and again I was flashed by the amazing sound improvement in comparison to the NDX stuff. Now vinyl / streaming have both their place in my racks, which a lot of fun every day.
1 week ago I added a Teddy XPS-Plus to my NDS and yes …even more fun :slight_smile:

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Have you replaced your ISP-supplied router with a better one?

I just borrowed an Auralic Aries G2 while my ND5XS2 (used as a streamer only via DC1 into a Naim DAC) was being mended.

The system was almost unlistenable for me with the Auralic, and is back to top form now that my ND5XS2 is back.


No because this time my ISP has provided a decent 802.11ac router that works well. In the past I’ve had poor ones and used an Airport Extreme to handle the wireless LAN, although now I would probably choose something more up to date.

“Hi all, I own a NDX (with Non-Naim XPS) in combination with an nDAC (with Non-Naim XPS)…”

A lot of unused internal components in this setup. My answer to that is NDS. Just saying… :slight_smile: