NDX 2 replace NDX plus nDAC

Can you give more details? You found the Auralic very bad?

Yes, as regards SQ the Aries G2 was bright and harsh sounding in my system/room.

Also, lacking body of instruments.

I didn’t use it much - in fact I preferred listening to music on YouTube.

It had been used at least once before on demo, so was not brand new - but it looked nearly new. So I had it running often overnight in the several weeks it was in my room.

I tried it wired and wireless - it sounded a tiny bit better via wired than wireless using Cisco and EE8, but still not really listenable for me - so the SQ wasn’t because it wasn’t run in.


I have a PlusNet Hub One router that is 802.11ac (AFAIK).

It is reliable and 5 of us use it and we do a lot of streaming at once - and there’s hardly ever any buffering (only one case of buffering recently during an England football match, which was probably not caused by my router).

I am tempted to change it for a Draytek router in the hope that it would cut EM noise entering the hifi (through and Cisco 2960 and an EE8 switch) and thus improve SQ.

But I suspect that if I do it I would not notice a difference in SQ or reliability, so it might be a waste of time - and might even trigger some reliability or usability problems if it’s not 100% compatible.

I suspect you are right Jim.

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Hi netact

I moved from 272/555DR to ND5XS2 - nDAC/555DR - which gave a large improvement in SQ - and of course gave me all the benefits of the Naim current streaming systems (my sole source is Qobuz).

The streaming board in the ND5XS2 and the NDX2 is the same.

Some use an nDAC with an NDX2, e.g.: Ndx2 vs nDac

With an NDX2 you’re paying for a screen and remote, which I don’t need.

If you have a dealer who will let you test home demo an NDX2 and an ND5XS2 at the same time then you will really be able to find out what sounds best.

If you do this, please do post your results on this thread as I would love to hear how these boxes sound in a home system.


Hi Nigel

We have two in the main active system a NAT01 and in the second system a NAT02. As you say the sound quality is exceptional.

Happy listening!

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Thats my experience of auralic too, music all laid out but just no soul to it. Thin and emotionless


Have you done the 4.8 update on your Nds? Very recommended!

Ah - I’d forgotten that netact had bought an NDS!

@netact - are you doing just local streaming of music, or are you using net streaming (e.g. Qobuz)?

No I have 4.7
So I will update soon …thx for the info.

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I have Tidal but just temporarily. Most of the time I am using the UPnP interface to my synology nas d218+ and I am happy with this.
What I noticed is that hearing internet radio (MP3) with the NDS is also much better than before.

I have a sky router is that one ok.

Not sure how it performs as regards adding EM noise into a streaming hifi system….?

I use Sky and have found it to be absolutely bombproof. My NDX2 is hard wired rather than using WiFi.


Sky have, like most ISPs, supplied a variety of different routers. They have a basic cheapo one, a more capable one that runs 802.11ac, and even some that have so-called ‘ethernet’ over mains hardware built in, so they will not all give the same level of performance.
Mine works pretty well. I used to run it into an Apple Airport Extreme but I find it works well on its own so I removed the AE.

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