NDX 2 screen problems (here we go again)

Like many of us, I’ve had problems with the screen freezing on my streamer.
After the most recent update, this seems to be the latest glitch. See image below.
It’s permanently on the screen - just in the same way a random album artwork would freeze.
I am sure that switching it off and effectively rebooting it will clear it - as used to happen with the previous fault.
I shall report it as a fault first thing tomorrow but this has been happening for the past few days now.

Anyone else getting this?

You state that this has been happening for the past few days. The new firmware, 3.5, was only available from lunchtime (UK) today so I assume you are actually on 3.4?

If so, update to 3.5 & see how you go.

I have been using Beta versions of 3.5 for 3 months now on my Nova which was previously plagued by screen freezes. I have not had any at all on any version of firmware 3.5.

Hope this sorts your problems.

Thank you Canaryfan.
Update done and all is well.


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