NDX 2 - Select output

How do I inform my NDX 2 that I would like to use the digital output instead of the analog out?

I’ve been through the on screen settings and can find nothing remotely close. This really shouldn’t be that difficult.

And… not to drone on about the lack of a decent manual… but really. It’s a $7000 streamer. The online FAQ isn’t an acceptable replacement. Maybe I’m just grumpy as I’ve spent the day trying to trouble shoot issues with my 552. That’s possible too :slight_smile:

The output settings are available via the Naim app and not the screen menu.

Open the Naim app, find NDX 2, click on the NDX 2, go to setting (top right), click on Input Settings, select digital, enable if required and go from there.

Hopefully 552 is feeling better soon.

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Thanks for the feedback… it should of occurred to me to look at the app… I blame 552 not working psychosis for the mental lapse :roll_eyes:

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