NDX 2 Skipping Tracks

Hello: When playing an album, my NDX 2 has started skipping tracks, rather than proceeding in an orderly fashion from first to last.

Is this a known symptom of a fault?


Check that you have not accidentally activated the Random play icon on the app I’ve done this on a couple of occasions myself.


Yes i have done that, very easy to do.

Well I feel like a proper Charlie now - you both correctly noted that the crossed ‘twisty’ arrows icon had been activated in the app


Don’t worry……i rang my dealer😊


Glad it is sorted can be quite frustrating at times.

That random thing does appear to get activated, itself by random. Personally I’d loose it completely. Caught me out a number of times.

I will cheerfully admit to an even more foolish panic. It just so happens I am evaluating a 555PS on home loan from my dealer. The random track thingy happened right after I had the 555PS connected and my idiotic lizard brain assumed for a split second that the power supply had somehow monkeyed with the NDX 2.

And yes, those obscure icons are in totally the wrong position on the app and should be removed


…having owned the NDX 2 for a couple of years I do not recall having a problem with any of the icons on the NAIM app. Perhaps slow down take a breath and familiarize yourself with the product and the app.

I use the app on my iPad and iPhone, so my experience may not be the same as yours…

That stupid " random" icon also cocks up an ndx2 fed by an xpsdr too!
In short, get rid. I want my music in an order set by the artist. They know better than me. I’d expect a curator of an art exhibition to know better than me too.

i find the random play option very useful for playlists, but i absolutely agree that it is in the wrong place (track level) and ‘sticks’ far to long. it should be at album/playlist level and should apply to that play only not be an on/off toggle that carries forward until unset. i have raised with naim in the past but with no response

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