NDX 2 System Automation

Sorry guys, I may be missing something here; but I don’t see any way of controlling the SN3 inputs from the app. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.

How many source components do you have plugged into your SN3? According to your profile you only have the ND5XS2. If that’s correct, you don’t ever need to change the input because all your source material (Qobuz,Tidal, Internet Radio etc.) is selected through the streamer, which will be plugged into one input (probably CD?).

Thanks Clive. I only have one source (the NDX2 which I recently acquired; no longer have the ND5 XS2; I will update my profile).

But that is my problem: the NDX 2 is plugged into the Streaming Input of the SN3. I agree that it should switch the SN3 input automatically when I select the NDX2 and it does when I select Internet Radio on the app. The problem is that when I select Tidal on the app, the SN3 input does not switch to Streamer (it does switch sometimes but 1/5 at best).

But surely you don’t want the input to change on the amplifier? The NDX2 is only plugged into one input.

Now you’ve got me confused! If the ND is your only source, the amp should always be on input 3. The selection of iRadio, Tidal or upnp is done either on the app, via the ND remote or via the input button on the front of the ND. There is no need to ever touch or change the SN’s inputs.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I have a Rega Aria phono stage plugged into the Tuner input of the SN3. So, yes I do want the SN3 to switch from the Tuner input to the Streamer input when activate the streamer from the app. And, like I’ve said, it does switch from Tuner to Streamer when I select Internet Radio on the app, but does not switch to Streamer when I select and play Tidal on the app.

Thanks Clive. That makes sense, as the amps are switched with relays and they must work independently of the app. It’s sort of like the left and right hands. It’s actually very clever once you understand how to use it. Thanks again.

There is no Tidal (or Qobuz) option in the System Automation settings because the amp does not care about Tidal, it is just supposed to switch to the input where the NDX2 is connected. This is how it looks for me, the last option is the one that defines which input it is going to switch to:

As mentioned, this works for me with NDX2 and 252, i.e. when I use the app to play a streaming source (UPnP or Qobuz - I don’t have Tidal though), regardless of whether I previously used the app to switch to a different input or the buttons on the 252


You have solved a perennial head scratcher for me.
I have had the same issue as the OP in that sometimes the app would switch my 202 from vinyl on Aux2 to whatever I selected on the streamer and sometimes not. It would always switch if o selected iRadio first then on to tidal but not if I wanted to go straight to tidal or UPnP.

Trying it out today shows that, as you say, if I select aux2 by the front panel of the amp it needs a tap on the app on vinyl before it will switch to the streamer with tidal. If I selected vinyl on the app prior to using the turntable it will switch back as needed without the extra step.


I wonder why it behaves like that?

Have you setup the turntable as a preamp input in the app in input settings?

My settings, seen below have my streamer on input 1 and the turntable on input 6 ( my powered aux input).

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