Ndx-2 to gryphon diablo 300 with dac

I’m completely lost when it comes to digital/streaming. But I currently have an ndx-2 going to a 282/250dr system. I’m contemplating a switch to the gryphon 300 with the dac installed. Would it make sense to run it thru the dac or can it be run into one of the regular inputs, and which is preferable? Also which type of output (which cable would be best to use) - not the brand but ethernet , usb, digital (told you I’m completely lost with digital) from the ndx-2 to the gryphon. Also has anyone done a direct comparison naim to gryphon?

If you’re going this route then it’s worth auditioning your proposed solution to see if you prefer the SQ of the analogue output from the NDX2 into a line input on the Gryphon, compared to the digital S/PDIF output from the NDX2 into the optional DAC module.

You may find you prefer the sound of NDX2 analogue output and so save having the extra cost of the DAC module in the Gryphon.

If you do go the DAC module route then you just need a BNC to BNC digital coax cable to go from the NDX2 digital output to one of the DAC module digital inputs (8 or 9)

This is a pre-owned unit and the dac is already installed. Also want to lower the box count and hopefully simplify everything too

The Gryphon DAC is an expensive add-on, so you would need to have a listen and decide if it’s worth paying for. If you like it, you can certainly use it with the NDX2 via coax cable as James explains.

You may find that if you only use the NDX2 as a digital transport you can free up a bit of cash by trading it in for the cheaper ND5XS2 which has the same streaming board as the NDX2.

If you use the NDX2 via analogue you just need a cable with RCA plugs for the Gryphon. The NDX2 has DIN or RCA out, although it’s generally best to use DIN in which case you would need a DIN to RCA cable.

s far as trading down, I’m trying to build a final/permanent system, so that I would just keep the ndx-2 as it is in place already.

Sure, I’m just saying that the ND5XS2 would probably not be a sound quality downgrade when used through its digital output.

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A friend of mine run a Lumin streamer into the Gryphon 300 with their inbuilt DAC and claims it sounds glorious. Maybe worth checking out the new Lumin U2 mini, Innuous or the other streaming alternatives in the market too so you pay for a streamer and not another DAC since you have a great one already.

The Gryphon is a very expensive amplifier £20,000 in the U.K. with the Dac module on board, and it’s something you really need to try at home before deciding. The fact you ask how it compares with your 282/250 suggests you’ve never heard it, and if that is the case, how do you know you will like it? Remember also that you’d lose system automation so won’t be able to use the NDX2 remote, or the app, to control volume and inputs. If you want to simplify, maybe the Supernait 3 would be good enough, though I suspect the Harbeths are a bit much for it.

The harbeths were replaced quite awhile back. I’ve since replaced them with the wildly popular LOL Dynaudio confidence 20’s - the original plan was to buy heritage special, but at the time they were difficult to come by and these on the used market were roughly the same price. For a number of reasons (including health) it is extremely difficult or almost impossible to go to a showroom and audition, much less arrange for a home demo (relatively rare in the U.S.) The con 20’s are an improvement overall except for that wonderful midrange but (still owning the harbeths), I wouldn’t switch back. I would however like to reduce the box count, although I’ve also thought of going 552 and 300. Thnx for taking the time and thought to reply. I’ve read enough of your posts to know and value your judgement.


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