NDX 2 to Nap 252 System Automation enigma

Hey everyone. Got my new NDX 2 today. Coming from Unity Star Universe I immediately connected an 3.5 jack from the NDX 2 to the Nap 252’s RC5 in to control the volume of the Nac 252 from the app. The NDX 2 is connected to the HDD din input of my Nac 252.
In the Naim app, each time I select a new album to listen to and tap play, the Nac 252 jumps to the cd input and no sound, unless I use the remote to switch back to the HDD input source.
If someone in the community can put me on the right path please.
Mucho appreciated

This should help

Robert you’re a life saver! I can’t thank you enough! 2nd option worked! So obvious!
You’re brilliant!
Thank you!

Pleased you sorted it. But - If it helps just plug the NDX 2 in to the CD input. I do :slight_smile:

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