NDX 2 USB Playback Issues

Dear All,

I am fairly new to Naim and high-end audio. What I do understand though is classical music.
Got a Supernait2 and the NDX2 network player.
I predominantly play either Tidal from a brand new drop-resistant Transcend 1TB USB hard disk, as I have a terrific hi-res collection.
When playing from the USB there is some ‘skipping’ every few minutes. The files are perfectly fine. Tidal does not give me any troubles, but the lack of Masters is disturbing.
Any ideas why the skipping is and how I get rid of it?
Any ideas are welcome!

That sounds like a compatibility problem with your media encodings or more likely your usb drive.
Try putting a few of the files on a small memory stick to see if they still skip.
If not you know it’s an interoperability issue between your NDX2 and the usb drive… then contact Naim support.

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