NDX 2: Using Logitech Harmony instead of Naim remote

I am about to buy an NDX 2. Right now, I use a Naim nDAC which can be controlled by my Logitech Harmony 950 remote. Unfortunately, NDX 2 seems not to be on the list of supported devices. Has anybody used a Harmony remote successfully with NDX 2? I would like to avoid the route of manually programming any command from the Naim remote into the Harmony remote.

The new streamers do not use IR they use ZigBee rf so will not work with Harmony products or any other IR based remote. There is an add on to the hub that’s sold in the States that supports ZigBee but as they use different channels it may not work.

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Thank you for your quick response. I was not aware of that, thank you.

I am also looking for a new universal remote (i now have 4 remotes…)
does this info help:

I assume this could mean u can use a Logitech Harmony Elite.

That’s a shame - I see the Hub extender but you’re right it looks like it’s US only. Do all the new Network players use Zigbee - no IR option at all ?

ZigBee only :frowning:

Shame - I was trying to work out where the Zigbee antenna is on the ND units - I suspect it’s a small microstrip antenna PCB incorporated into the logo (probably replacing the old IR sensor assembly). I can’t see where else it would go, especially on the ND5XS2 ?

ND5XS2 has no remote at all - I guess that goes hand in hand with having no screen.

Good point Chris - no Zigbee needed on this one - I suspect the antenna is hidden in the screen assembly on the NDX2 and ND555 !

Do people actually use the remote ???
I ask because all the NDX2 features & functions are with the Naim app (iOS or Android), This gives all the full iRadio, Tidal … etc streaming & other browsing features. Even if the Logitech did work it would only give you a fraction of what the app will do.

It just loses out on integration if you use the Harmony system Mike - only limited functionality like input switching and volume is needed - it’s nice to press one button, TV comes on, PVR comes on and the network player switches to the right digital input. It’s just made things a lot simpler in our house.

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Yes I do it’s quicker due to the app being slow to connect to my Atom. Also kids can’t change the input to the TV without it, they don’t have the app or devices to do it.

Have you tried the Roon Harmony Extension. So you can start activity from Roon and control the volume.

I had a NDX2 shipped to me for audition while my ND5-XS is away for service. That should arrive in a few days.

I’m not even sure that I’ll need/want to use the NDX2 remote. I don’t imagine I’ll play anything but Roon and I control that primarily from my MacBook Pro. I’ll continue to use my 282 remote for volume control.

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