NDX 2 with non Naim Amps


New to this forum.

I am interested in an NDX 2.

I was told that an NDX2 works best with Naim Amps and not so with a “non Naim” like a Luxman SS or a tube amp without a DIN input.

Great if anyone can advise if that is true.


Welcome Corey, while there’s an obvious synergy between Naim sources and Naim amplification, that doesn’t mean the sources won’t work well with other brands. Plenty of people use Naim sources with other amplification, whether solid state or valve/tube, and a number of them are on this very forum. The NDX2 is a great source no matter what amplifier you partner it with, so I wouldn’t worry there. Note that it has both DIN and RCA phono outputs so, even the connections tell you that the NDX2 can be used with a wide range of amplifiers.

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Hi. That’s great to know. Much appreciated. Cheers

Obviously on a Naim forum you’re going to get more suggestions for Naim gear. I have the NDX2 with a Pass Labs and it sounds amazing. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with almost anything. It doesn’t have any weird output impedance characteristics or output level.

I use my NDX 2 with an Accuphase E-270 and sometimes with a Line Magnetic LM-34ia. Sounds great with both of them!

Thanks guys. Just wanted to confirm that it will work well with non Naim gear. Cheers

It might work well with non-Naim amplification, but if you are attracted to the Naim sound of the NDX2 it’s probably more than worthwhile to demo the NDX2 with Naim amplification and compare it to what you have currently. You might push open the door into an entire new world… :rofl:

FYI when using NDX2 with a non Naim amp, the output is set by default to use the DIN sockets not the RCA ones. Once the NDX2 has been setup using the Naim app you need to use the output options within settings and enable the RCA sockets. You only have to do this once.

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After trying it out with the Supernait 2 and Supernait 3 integrateds, which did not finish living up to the demands posed by my room and my speakers, I enjoy the NDX2 with the hybrid integrated amplifier Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 for a couple of months now and, both new and still settling, the SQ is getting better and more astounding.

Thanks. I am retired in Thailand and Naim is one of few brands that are way over priced - about 25% about most countries. Even the Naim dealers are complaining. Just a very greedy importer/distributor.

So at the moment for me will not be the NDX 2. Looking at Aurender gear, Ayon S10 MKII or Bricasti Network and DAC combo.


Hi. Thanks. Hope it keeps improving for you.

I just replied to robert_h on why Naim is now not on my shortlist.


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I’m in the U.S. and the markup on the 300 DR I just bought is nearly 50% (£7898 in UK, which is about $10,300 US at current exchange rate, vs actual price of $15,000 at retail in the U.S.).

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Try a Lumin. Well considered in the audiophile world. Aurender and Ayon are on the romantic side.

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My Naim dealer sells more Lumin than Naim. I considered one myself.

I’m with you brother! Naim is pricey here in North America, but I still love it!!

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HI Corey

I’ve listened to my NDX 2 with a variety of Luxman integrated amps like the L-509X, L-505uXII and with an Accuphase E370 and E480 and both brands paired extremely well with this streamer. I was actually taken back how good it sounded. Effortless, musical and detailed music. I could live with either but would give the edge to Accuphase for depth and soundstage. The Luxman was no slouch, it also presented a very detailed presentation and seemed less laid back. Speakers used were my Neat Xplorer and Momentum SX5i and a range of Harbeth speakers like the P3ESR, *Compact 7ES-3 and 30.1.

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Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Home testing a Cary Audio DCM600 right now.

So far:

*Smooth and lots of detail
*Great DAC
*LOts of connections
*UI is very fast and works. No hassles
*Roon pairing is seamless

*Size wise it is a big unit
*App is old fashion/style and way behind Roon
*Player/Display is too busy and old style

Photo attached



A very nice and capable system; enjoy it.

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