NDX 2: worth upgrading my PSU

I run a system composing of 252/SuperCapDr/300Dr/NDX-2/XPS-Dr and loudspeakers are Focal Kanta 2. Very happy with my system. I primarily play Jazz and Folk music either through my NAS, Tidal or Qobuz. Streaming is orchestrated through Roon running on a NUC.

I have the chance now to buy a young 555Dr PSU to replace the XPSDr. Does the forum here believe it’s worth the investment? What does the 555Dr bring extra?

Even though I’d dream to own a ND555 once, I don’t believe this is in “sight” the next few years.



Errrrr yes. I demoed xps Dr vs standard 555 and 555 all day long. So much more of everything. It wasn’t even dr

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Did you demo it using an NDX-2? Try to understand if the NDX 2 really benefits from the 555Dr or that it is better of with its “natural” partner: the XPSDr

I can only relate my experience with the CDX2 where the 555PS was markedly better than the XPS…

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Yes that’s what I have, you’ll notice quite an up lift in sound.

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Hi Peter and all,

What is the “uplift” about? Is it more detail or more weight/authority?


For me, it was a lower noise floor with resulting more detail and resolution, and a much wider sound stage and space around the music.

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If it was me, I’d prefer the latter with my NDX2

Same as @Mike_S, I tried with no supply, an XPS and lastly the 555PS. You can hear the sound change/improve at each stage.

For me adding XPSDR improved everything and it was transformative.

How I got there is interesting. My wife and I visited my dealer one afternoon and he mentioned he had a used 2016 XPSDR for sale. My wife had him explain what it does and why we would want it. She suggested we take it home to try. Her real intent I think was to put to rest that we don’t need it, assuming any improvement would be marginal and not worth spending the money, and she would be witness to that first hand.

When we got home she decided how we would test it. She had me play Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead or Alive” with our current setup. Then she had me add in the XPS-DR and play it again. I kid you not she looked at me within 15 secs – with tears in her eyes – to say it was better, no, a lot better. Pretty sure the tears were for the money we committed to buying it. She liked it so much she contributed $1000 from her own savings to purchase it. We spent the rest of the afternoon going through our favorites to discover more of how much better it sounds. It did not disappoint us.

And that’s how much better the NDX2 is with a XPSDR.


The OP has already the xps dr. He asks if 555 dr worth to buy for Ndx2.

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@JosquinDesPrez does your wife have a sister? lol.


That’s more better. The “Wanted Dead or Alive” reward is double. :wink:

FWIW: when I got the XPSDR several people said I should have gotten a 555PS. But instead I got a SuperCap DR to replace my HiCapDR. The combination of the XPS DR and SuperCap DR gave the NDX2 a much bigger lift than XPS alone, but the analog front end – which I use more – also got a big lift. Win Win.

The experience of the XPSDR helped with my wife’s blessing to acquire the SuperCap, and now she’s warming up to a 300DR, which I am looking for. :thinking:


Borrowing a 555PS DR this weekend to test with my NDX2/272/250DR from my dealer. Will report back when done. My question though is should I be spending about £1K more and swap the 250DR to a 300DR rather than the 555PS DR? Can’t afford both this year.

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Hi Tony, very interested in your audition of the 555Dr.

As far as the 300Dr, my thought would be to invest in a 282 or 252 rather than the 300Dr. Your 250Dr is perfect. Especially the NDX2 would benefit from a better pre. Just my two cents. Iver


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