Ndx 2011 tidal

Sorry posted in hifi corner didn’t realise there was a separate streaming forum….

I have an original 24/96 ndx from 2011. On the latest firmware 4.8?

But don’t have a tidal input on the app (latest version of the app) it should work on this right? It’s on the network as I can use it to stream locally.

Can turn other inputs on and off. Oh and of course the screen has gone, but don’t normally need it. Being so old I’ve been told we can’t get a new screen from naim, so can anyone confirm if tidal should work.

If it should work anyone got the menu path if I need to turn something on, even if it’s by touch.


Also out unitiqute mk 1 logs in fine to tidal, and both are dhcp on the same network, so unlikely it’s a local network issue. Same network connection works on the qute just as an example.

My router firewall is disabled so don’t think the internal network is the issue

As David H pointed out in your other thread, the older 24/96 streaming board cannot support Tidal. Unfortunately Naim are now unable to source components to upgrade this board to the later 24/192 version so you cannot add Tidal support.

If you are committed to keeping the NDX there are various workarounds that you may be able to use to get Tidal or Qobuz to work. These generally involve running a proxy server on your network which can accept a Tidal stream from the web and serve it to your streamer as if it was a local stream.

Thanks. Cheers guys, don’t need any more replies I know how to do it other ways, just incorrectly assumed the ndx would still do it.

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