NDX/282/300 Connection question

Is there somewhere that can show me how i would connect an NDX-282-Hicap-300DR please? I can seem to find any instructions for such combination.

Does this work?

Thank you but there’s no 282/300DR combination there. Not sure why.

Use the 282/HC/250 combination.
Only now use socket 2 AND 3 of the HC to connect the 300 with the 2 DIN XLR leads.
That’s how I did it.

I need to ask as well: are the cables that come with NDX, 282, HC, 300DR all that I need to connect them or do I need ot get extra cables?

Your NDX should have come with a din interconnect to connect it to the 282,the HC should have come with a SNAIC5 to connect it to the 282 and 300 should have come with 2 din xlr leads to connect it to the HC.
At least that is what I got.

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