NDX and Podcasts

Is there a way to stream podcasts through an NDX? I own the first version.
Thanks for your help.

If your NDX is the bluetooth version then you can use a phone or tablet… I have a UnitiQute2 and connect my iPhone & iPad via Bluetooth to the UQ2, then stream podcasts via the Apple podcast app, works flawlessly and I use this set up every day.

What do you mean by the bluetooth version?

No, I do not have the NDX2. This is why I was asking.

Yes, your post states you have the NDX. IIRC, after 2015 all models of Naim streamers (including the NDX) were fitted as standard with a Bluetooth module so you can stream directly from a phone / tablet, but if you have an earlier version then you will need a bluetooth adaptor / dongle of some sort which you can plug in the back of the NDX. I’ve never used one so can’t recommend brands or types, but perhaps others have set up this arrangement, or a dealer could help…

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