NDX and Spotify Error Message

I get the message “ERROR I can’t contact Spotify Server” from my NDX (purchased in 2015 - no bluetooth). All other functions are working including Tidal.
Can you help me please?

What firmware version is your NDX running? You can see it in the app under settings. The version you need is 4.8

Thanks for replying. I believe I am running 4.4.00.

You definitely should put 4.8 in. Just a few days ago the Naim software director said in another thread in this forum that Spotify “deprecates” old software versions and 4.4 is very out of date.

You can download the update from the Naim website. It’s a bit of a palaver but the instructions on the website are very detailed and lots of us can help if you want to try doing it yourself. The alternative is to take your NDX to a Naim dealer, for them to do it.

You can go straight to 4.8 from version 4.4. There is no requirement to do any interim versions.

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Many thanks. Where should I look for the instructions on Naim’s website? Taking the NDX it to my dealer would be very time consuming.

Go to the bottom of this page & open Support & Information & go to Product Updates.
This is the link … Updates | Naim Audio

Download the 4.8 package & it includes a .PDF with the FULL instructions
!!! Follow the instructions exactly !!!
You will need to download the USB driver software from the .pdf link, also you will need a length of ethernet cable to connect your laptop to home LAN (ethernet/router) and a USB to Mini-B cable to connect your laptop to the NDX (its all in the instructions).

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Many thanks.

In case it’s not clear from Mike’s instructions, the NDX needs to be connected by both Ethernet (or WiFi) and the USB cable because part of the update is delivered by your PC over one cable and part over the other. There are specific instructions for PC and different instructions for MAC. If you have a MAC and Big Sur or a later OS, you don’t need to download the USB drivers.

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Dear All,
Everything went smoothly and the NDX is now up and running.
Many thanks for your help.
I was wondering how many further upgrades the 2015 NDX will be able to bear, your guess?
Warmest regards and Happy Easter


Very good!

Naim is still supporting the legacy streamers so I expect there will be a few more updates. But there is almost no scope to introduce new functionality because of hardware limitations (memory, processing power, limitations of bought-in chips and modules). So all we can really expect is that Naim will introduce fixes if needed to keep the existing supported services working if they can.

Firmware 4.8 is a case in point. It’s main job was to sort out an upcoming deadline on Tidal login, but also it turns out that some of that was needed for Spotify too. Steve Naim’s software director said a couple of days ago that they had a couple of Tidal use cases that would be fixed in the next update, so we can assume that they plan at least one more at some stage!

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