NDX and Unitiserve,

Is it possible to connect a NDX to a Unitiserve via Upnp or will I have to connect to a digital input of the NDX from the digital S/Pdif output of the Unitiserve?

the best is to connect the serve to a switch and the ndx to the same switch. So you need 3 ethernet cables ( 1 for the router/ switch connection).
You can also connect the serve to the ndx in spdif, but it’s not optimal sound.

Both Unitiserve and NDX need a network connection for various functions such as connection to control apps, updates, iRadio etc. so you may as well use that. SPDIF works fine too, but you will have to use N-Serve as well as the Naim app for control.

Both units are connected to via Ethernet but the NDX won’t connect to the Unitiserve via Upnp,

Strange, that’s the way most will be using these boxes. Maybe you have a network issue.

That’s what I thought, my computer can see the Unitiserve in devices but when the NDX searches for servers it doesn’t pick it up.

have you created a network share on your pc?

Can you please describe your network, how it’s set up, what switch is being used?
This will enable us to help you in a better way.


In addition to Adams request, is your network on fixed IP addresses or DHCP, DHCP is we’re you need to be. So get that done first.
Next it may be that your network has got some bad links & that is preventing communication between the units: a complete system reboot will solve that or at least eliminate it as a cause.
Power off everything, including the router (broadband/wifi hub), & leave it off for at least 5 minutes to be sure the ISP knows you’re off.
Power up each device one at a time & let each one finish its power on sequence.
Router first, let it finish
Switch, Unitiserve, NDX, iPad or Android (what is it BTW)
Check to see if it’s now working & post the results back here.
Good luck

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After trying the advice given to get the Unitiserve onto the network, I think it’s an issue with the Unitiserve as when everything is re-booted the network will recognize the Unitiserve for a while then diconnects itself from the network. The Naim app see’s it as a server but there is no music content and the NDX comes up with an error when selecting that server, think I need to take a sledge hammer to the Unitiserve and buy something that works!!

did you try to desinstall and install the app again? I had these issues myself with my unitserve. I switch off my router, then unitserve then streamer. when ethernet is back, i switch on my unitserve and wait when ready. Then switch on the streamer. Sometimes install the app again.

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