NDX can't connent to router via wired ethernet

My NDX can’t connect to router via wired ethernet, but WiFi does work. NDX displays that the wired is connected, but NDX has invalid ip address Who knows what happened? And how to slove the problem? THX.

Could this be a static IP address applied by a previous owner?

Is DHCP enabled on the NDX and router?

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Invalid IP address ?? I recommend you make sure everything (NDX, router, NAS) is on DHCP & let the router manage this - its what its designed to do.
As part of that process you will need to reboot everything, just be sure the router is powered up & its completed its restart first & before (one at a time) powering up the other components

if that, NDX will show that static IP address.

I borrowed my friend’s NDX, all the settings are different. His NDX works well at my home. My NDX wired connection still had the same problem.
My NDX WiFi connection is not any problem.

Thinking about this a little more carefully, if your streamer is working over WiFi, then it must have a valid IP address, so I’m not sure what is happening here. Do you see the NDX listed as a connected device on your router?
Also, have you tried restarting your router?

I borrowed my friend’s NDX, all the settings are same. His NDX works well at my home. My NDX wired connection still had the same problem.
My NDX WiFi connection is not any problem.

That has to be done, not least to just eliminate it

When using WiFi, NDX must disconnect wired cable.
When wired cable plugged in, the WiFi was automatically disconnected.

A factory reset would be my next move here.

The older uniti streamers … and so I’m guessing NDX also … would switch from wired to wifi automatically (eg when you disconnect the Ethernet cable), but required a reboot to switch back from wifi to wired (eg when you plug in the cable again). Might be worth trying that before digging too much deeper (or resetting your friend’s unit).

Regards alan

Thanks Alan, I did try many times to reset NDX and router. Turned off all the equipments, and turned on them. Router turn on first and them NDX.
Does someone solve the same problem before?

As already suggested, I would try a factory reset of your NDX. You do that by using the remote, press the spanner or wrench key and navigate to the reset option it’s easy to find but if you can’t post again and someone can explain in detail.

It takes a minute or so to complete and then you have to enter all your settings again, just like it’s new straight from the box.



Thanks David, Yes, I went back to factory setting several times. But the problem was still there.

If you are still getting a 169.* IP address then the NDX may not be able to see the DHCP server (your router).

Does the Ethernet cable run straight from your router to the NDX?

You say above that it all works when using WiFi?

Did you buy it from a dealer?

Hi, your screen is showing an APIP address (Automatic Private IP address)… this is what many clients will self configure if they can’t find a DHCP server. APIP addresses always start with 169.254.

So check your DHCP server is setup on your router, and check the NDX is setup to use DHCP and plugged into one of your router switch-ports (double check it’s plugged into a valid/enabled LAN port on your router)… restart the NDX and all should be fine.

If not, assuming no fault with the NDX, you may have found a rare incompatibility / timing issue between your NDX and your router DHCP server. This be the case when there is also a difference between Wifi and Ethernet. If so you might need to manually assign an IP4 address to your NDX.

If you post your router address, and it’s subnet mask we can can give you an address to try.

His friend’s NDX works when he substitutes it for his own, so nothing up with the router, or cable.

I suspect a hardware fault in the NDX. Maybe assigning a fixed IP address will be a workaround but it shouldn’t need that to be done.



For that to be decisive, you need to check firmware between NDX. I am fairly sure if my memory serves me right DHCP client behaviour has been tweaked with later firmwares.
If they are the same and all other things are equal, then as I suggested above there might be a fault with your NDX.

Hi Gents,

On this one I would propose do the factory reset first. From the screenshots provided it indicates the device is on static ip, but it conflicts with another device on the network do it drops back to autoip address allocation.

Secondly, if the cable from router to hifi is long, propose as a test plug the ndx in close to the router with a short cat5 patch cable and see if it connects. On very long cable runs with poor data integrity it can result that it’s on the edge of driving the cable.

If this is the case then buy a cheap 5 port netgear router (eg netgear gs305) and that should buffer the ndx from the hardest of cables to drive.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director