NDX change for NDX2?


I have an NDX running latest firmware. Is the substantial outlay worthwhile to upgrade to an NDX2?
LP12 Majik, 282, Hicap DR, 200 DR, PMC Twenty5 23.

This system sounds great but I have the upgrade bug! Any other suggestions?

Are you streaming from local sources:
Maybe someone else can answer this: does the NDX 2 have a far better rendition of the music, if yes; go for it, if no; a power supply on the NDX.
If you’re streaming from the internet, I believe the 2 is far better in that aspect :blush:

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With a bit of leeway on the budget and some patience waiting for used equpment you could put an XPS DR on the NDX and upgrade the NAP 200 to a 250DR.

Both upgrades are very worthwhile

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I can only state that, once I heard the NDX2 on a high end system, I bought it immediately and never looked back. Power supply makes big difference.

And actually, I did look back due to (in my opinion) poor quality of the Naim app. But that has nothing to do with playback quality (once you get it playing), and it is not different between NDX and NDX2.

NDX2 is a significant improvement on the NDX in my experience.


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I moved from a NAC 272 to a NDX2 + preamp - and the move was very wrthwhile (big difference) - I subsequently purchased a 2nd NDX fo my second system and was abel to do a compaire between the NDX and the NDX2 - no question the NDX2 is a much better sound. (With and without a external power supply - in my case a PS555 DR).

If you are looking to upgrade I think you have a number of options - add a power supply (XPS DR); Upgrade the powermp to a 250 or swap out the NDX to a NDX2.

Any of these changes will give you a worthwhile imprvement in sound - my suggestion would be to swap out the NAP200 to a NAP250. At a later data look at adding a XPS and then upgrade to a NDX2 (used/exdemo maybe to keep costs down)

The NAP250 will bring very worthwhile improvements to driving your speakers…

If you are going to upgrade, do it right, and do it once. Decide where you could end up. It feels like ndx2 and xpsdr. Buying a second hand xpsdr can cost as low as £2200. This could be added to your ndx and make a change. Or, buy a pre owned ndx2 from £3700. What you can see is that Nivanna can be had for £5500. Rather than nearly double if you go new.
Once you ask a question about upgrading you are already on that slippery slope.

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I upgraded from an NDX to an NDX2 (using an XPS DR on both). I was surprised at the difference. The NDX2 sounds cleaner and more detailed and for me was clearly better. It also connects more quickly to my network and doesn’t drop out. Tidal also seems better.

I have just upgraded to an NDX2, already having an XPSdr on my HDX (now being used as a server). The difference between the HDX which I was always quite happy with (the HDX sound being similar to the NDX I understand) is significant. Its fantastic and high res on qobuz is superb. My power amp is a humble 200dr, and I’m now wondering what a 300 would sound like!

I upgraded from a NDX to a NDX 2 and I found it to be a worthwhile upgrade. I added a XPS DR six months later and found it to be an unbelievable upgrade.

You may want to demo both putting XPS DR on the NDX vs just updating to a NDX 2 and see which works best in your system. If you add the XPS DR now you will have it when you update the streamer later.

…it great to have options, good luck with your decision.


Sounds like it makes sense, thank you.

Naim are very clever in allowing improvements by adding power supplies and servicing their products for many years, keeping values high and interest strong.

If you’re happy with the NDX then I think you will find an XPS to be a bigger upgrade than replacing it with an NDX2. If you stream locally from a NAS that may be your best option.
If you stream from online sources, you may find it preferable to get an NDX2 and a Qobuz subscription as this gives you access to lots of 24 bit material which sounds very good, at least to my ears.
A 250 would be nice too, but then a bare NDX might be a slightly weak source for the rest of your system.

I also have a NDX and also pondered the upgrade to NDX2 but I then pinched myself and said…”hang on…digital streaming and playback from my Synology NAS drive represents only 10% of my listening source (the other 90% is vinyl) so I decided to put those upgrade £££ towards 282 -> 252. The right decision for me. In my music world the NDX is great for sampling new music before buying vinyl, for random play playlists as background music and for digital radio. But for others it represents the highest quality source component and worth putting money into it.

Moral of the story = everyone’s priorities are different😀


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