NDX display is blank - any idea why?

My NDX display doesn’t. Have I inadvertently done something to turn it off - and if so how do I get it to come back on again? If not, is there anything I can do to get it to work myself (I’m competent with such things - I have built my own amps and preamps in an earlier time)? I’m a fairly long way from a naim dealer…

I’m guessing it has a fault as I am not aware of any control to turn it off.
And if as you say you are competent, I suspect you have all this & my suggestions covered already
The ‘disp’ button on the remote just turns it on & it stays on for the time set in the display on setting. It only turns it off if already on.
The display on setting has all the time on settings, but there is not an ‘off’ time.

It might be the ribbon cable connection, outside of that … errr pass

You don’t say that you tried doing a full power off reset of your NDX. Regardless of what settings you have you should get the splash screen when your NDX starts up. If you don’t get that then I agree with Mike that it’s a fault.

As your nearest dealer isn’t nearby, if you do go inside to wiggle connectors, don’t forget about taking appropriate precautions over electrostatic discharge before you take the case off.



Thanks - much as I suspected. I shall have a look at the ribbon cable - though I haven’t moved the unit so it doesn’t seem hopeful. Oh well, possibly a trip to the dealers.
I know it was working relatively recently because I used it to check the firmware version. I don’t use it often, I mustard mitt, so I guess there is no hurry.

Hi, yes, done full reset, and no splash screen. Hey ho.

Without wanting to cover the obvious, but have you tried toggling the DISP button on the NDX remote control?

Good suggestion, Richard - but no, it does nothing (other functions work though).
Thanks for the idea - I hadn’t tried it.

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