NDX Firmware upgrade

When doing the NDX firmware update do the PC and the NDX both need to be hardwired to the router with Ethernet/RJ45 cable or can they connect wirelessly?

You can connect the ethernet leg over wireless - but why d that if you have the more secure ethernet connection points available? (only asking)
The USB cable connection must be used, it simply won’t work without it.

Thank you. My NDX is a long way from my router and I use it wirelessly perfectly fine. The question was really around if I need to move my NDX out from its Fraim and hard wire it to the router (in my hallway) to conduct the upgrade.

Maybe you could get a long ethernet cable for a temporary connection. When I had a 272 I always updtead it with the 272 wired and the laptop on wireless. Certainly the recommendation is to update the streamer over a wired connection.

Thank you

And….hey presto……it’s :white_check_mark:
Thank you for all the advice.
The only slight hiccup I had was the driver update for the USB port……but it worked out ok.


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