NDX Headline 2

Is it possible to connect a Headline 2 directly to the DIN output of an NDX?
I’m trying to see what the Headline sounds like when using a Supercap - bit that means my 52 won’t work because apparently you can’t run a Headline & 52 from the same Supercap.

Yes, although you’ll need a Headline adaptor to switch the pins so you can use it directly from a Naim source.

Correct, you should not attempt to power a Headline from a Supercap alrasy powering a NAC52. Note that you’ll need a SLIC to power the Headline from a Supercap.

Thanks @Richard.Dane - knew you’d have the answer :wink:
Any idea where I can source said connector?

Your Naim dealer should be able to order one in for you (Headline Source Adaptor for DIN).

I’ve been told Naim no longer do them. But Chord do. Or you can resolder the pins in the DIN lead to be line out.

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I tried this just recently, and it was really good! (with Focal Radiances). I’m not sure it would be good value for money, but to try out, and if you have a spare Supercap lying around, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Quieter noise floor (inky blackness!), more drive, and it fleshed-out the sound substantially. If I was using this permanently, then that would be it. Normally I use a NAPSC to power the HL2.

Earlier this year, I purchased the Naim adapter and a SLIC for the purposes of this. Source is NDX2/ XPS, cheers.

Whilst we’re on the topic of the headline: is there an extension cable available for the interconnect between the pre amp and the headline? An extension would allow the HL to be set up near the listening position with the benefit of volume control without getting up from one’s chair…

No. And Naim gear isn’t great at coping with interconnects over 3m.

Funny. Everyone complains about lack of remote for the headline but most (not all) other high end headphone amps also don’t have a remote.

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I run 10m between my 82 & Headline 2.
Sounds bl00dy fine to me. Perhaps it’s only a problem with the “black” series preamps….


Interesting. If Naim fit a 10m lead to the HL for you then yes, I’d totally trust that’s fine. Maybe they slugged it with a resister for you to cope with the length? Either way, good to know.


I guess one solution might be to swap a HL for an Atom HE, but presumably it would only be a solution for streaming sources, not for TT or CD / DVD player

Nope, I made the extension myself - couple of PREH DINs and Mogami cable; no resistors.

No Headlines were harmed during construction.

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