NDX II vs Uniti Core + nDAC


I am wondering is anyone has experience with the above combo ?

I am rebuilding my secondary system after acquiring a pair of ATC 19v2 with Naim components. For digital replay, I am considering either the NDX II + fanless NAS or Uniti Core + nDAC. What do you think ?

Joe Ling

Personally i would go with your NDX2/NAS combo, its the latest streaming technology/DAC and sounds great. Some on the forum like the nDAC sound, but it would not be a dealer demo and purchase option.


The Core/NDAC would be great for playing ripped CDs or stored downloads, but if you want to use streaming services such as Tidal or internet radio, you would need the NDX2.

@joeling I’m using NDX2 streaming Tidal and my CD collection ripped on the Core. Before I got my NDX2, I connected the Core to nDAC via DC1 BNC cable with good results. However, I now use the Core in uPnP mode with NDX2 which gives better sound quality. I’ve now sold on the nDAC. I’d recommend the 555PSDR too with NDX2 as it gives a massive uplift in performance.

I have ATC SCM 19s too. I’ve partnered mine with 252 & 250DR. It has taken a while for them to really open up but since I got my 252 they’re sounding great - very open and transparent, with deep, punchy bass.

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Thanks for all your replies. Time to think hard on the extra outlay.

Incidentally, bongoman, I have just acquired a used 252/supercap and a new 250DR. Thanks for letting me know they work out. A 555PSDR is a significant amount of $$$. :cold_sweat:

My simple system is NAS > NDX 2 > SN2 > NAC A5 > Ovator S-400.

The ripped CD’s and Hi Res downloads that reside on the NAS provide some wonderful hours of listening pleasure. Simple and Sweet!

Good luck with your decision…

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