NDX internet connection issues

I purchased a used NDX. I mess with it several months ago trying to get it set-up to stream.
Even with factory reps via the phone.

Here’s the" Iron door" I’ve entered the router PW . The press OK on the hand set.
The NDX displays PLEASE WAIT trying to make connection. Then DISPLAYS connection failed ‘TRY AGAIN.’
I did! over& over SameO. Rebooted everything 3 Times. Yes! SameO

Have got an NDX manual & are you following the setup instructions.
I suspect the previous owners IP Address settings are blocking you. best to reset it to factory defaults and then restart the NDX. This will reset the NDX to have the IP address set over DHCP, & that’s what is defaulted in factory default, and it’s best not to change that.

If you haven’t tried out, restart your network, and factory reset the NDX, then try again.

Most of the time the situation normalizes. If not it could be something else related to the network or wireless card on the NDX.

I did all of that several times. But! it will connect to Tidal or Spotify
via Ethernet cable direct from my TPLink router.
I don’t know if it’s internet card serves both?

Have you rebooted first the router and waited? Then Ndx, waiting, and finally installed the app again?

Hi Mike-B
The IP address has been changed over to mine.
Thanks for your feed back…


Mike-B thoughts possibly a bad network card.

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Can you determine the IP address the NDX has in your network?
And if yes, what do you get if you browse to that IP address in a browser?

e.g. this is my unitiqute – assuming you can access it, there might be something visible that can help with troubleshooting?

The NDX Streamer Module is fed by x3 inputs

  • Ethernet (RJ45 port)
  • USB (Front panel USB port)
  • WiFi Module

If you can connect via ethernet but not wireless, its most likely that the problem is in the WiFi Module or a related circuit connection.

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