NDX loosing connectivity

Hi, I recently acquired a used NDX to replace an ND5 XS. It is on the same ethernet connection but was loosing connectivity in the app last night while the ND5 XS stayed online. It is in a cabinet and was quite warm but not hot, could temperature be a cause of the issue? I’ve left it streaming radio today and seems fine.

The NDX does run warm, but it’s not excessive & would not be the reason for the connectivity issue.
If it’s been streaming web radio today, it seems that it’s fixed the problem.
What was it streaming when it lost it yesterday?

Re case temp… I measured my NDX case temperature & after playing 1 album of 54 minutes the temp was at 37.2‘C.

Has it got the latest firmware? My old NDX would usually need a reboot if it lost the wired connection. My NDS is on a slightly later firmware version and never needs a reboot to reconnect.

Thanks for the replies. It was streaming Tidal - come to think of it I will try something on repeat to test that.

I suspect the discon was a Tidal problem.

Very strange this - I upgraded the NDX firmware to 4.8 but after a few days got notification that the ND5 firmware needed upgrading even though I am sure I had done that to resolve Tidal streaming issues when that version was released. All on 4.8 now and seems to be OK. Thanks for the advice.

I keep geting a ”firmware update” message through the app now and then, app ver 6.0.5 build 8269 streamer version 4.8.0

Now and again I also get freezes leading to Hard reboot 90% of the time whilst streaming TIDAL and changing massive artist playlists too fast/often, this on wired ethernet.

Suspecting random small fractional dropouts from internet traffic/router. And/or TIDAL slow/random issues.

Streaming of local files and iRadio works 100% of the time

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