NDX needs to be rebooted from time to time to play full album

As per the title really.
After a while, if I line up an album for the NDX to play, it will play the first track then stop.
If I reboot the NDX and line the album up again, it plays to completion.
I’m on version 4.6
Any ideas?

I suspect this might be a function of your media server. What is it ??

How is it connected? Ethernet or Wifi?

Not sure this will solve your problem, but the latest firmware is 4.7, so I would recommend that you update it anyway.

I have the same trouble with my 272 with playlists. If I play a playlist from Tidal it works just fine but if I play a playlist or an album from my Unitiserve I often get only the 1st track. Sounds like it is a US issue but I’m using 1.7c so I don’t need an update.
It’s really annoying having to reboot everything early regularly. Any ideas what the problem is and how to cure it?

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It is Ethernet connected, using Twonky.
The release notes of 4.7 make no reference to this fix.

I have been through a number of beta versions of 4.6 & then the final version of 4.7 & they all worked perfectly OK with no hint of this problem, so I don’t believe 4.7 is the answer, but why not do it anyway.
I don’t know Twonky other than helping a mate with it, & I was not impressed to say the least.
It it was a problem on my Synology with Asset, I would clear all the cache’s & either restart or delete & then reinstall the latest version of Asset.

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