NDX network issues since 4.8 update

Since updating my NDX to the 4.8 firmware it keeps disappearing from my network. The only solution I’ve found is to reboot the streamer.

Anyone else had this issue?

Have you done a factory reset after performing the update?


I have not. I will try that.

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Upgraded to 4.8 on my nds. Sound quality uplift was the best I’ve heard the nds sound but for some unknown reason seemed to take a week to come properly on song.

I usually need to reboot my NDX after losing network connection on 4.7. My NDS is on 4.8 but usually picks up a connection if its only been a few minutes disconnected. Longer and needs a reboot. I suspect the firmware only polls for the network for so long after disconnection.

It might be worth trying a different switch if you are using one.

Many years ago I had my NDX upgraded to the 24/192 streaming board which also meant that it had a firmware upgrade. It was done same day by my local dealer.

Prior to the upgrade it was rock solid, stable. Upon reconnecting it to the system it would drop off the network very quickly. often after only a minute or so. This was immediately apprent.

When I bypassed the existing switch the problem went away so I replaced the switch and it never skipped a beat.

I don’t know why this was, it doesn’t make sense, a computer connected to the switch worked fine!

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Thanks! I’ll try that next if the factory reset does not work.

I have the same issue but it’s infrequent and follows certain actions in the Naim app. For instance, if I’m streaming locally, QNAP/Asset/UPNP, and want to listen to a different track and mistakenly select the wrong track and then quickly select the correct track, that action will cause the room to drop. If that makes sense. Also, if I accidentally select a hires track while in multiroom the room will drop from the app. All require I cycle the power on the stream.

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