Ndx original 24/96 can I get tidal


I have an original 24/96 ndx from 2011. On the latest firmware 4.8?

But don’t have a tidal input it should work on this right? It’s on the network as I can use it to stream locally.

Can turn other inputs on and off. Oh and of course the screen has gone, but don’t normally need it. Being so old I’ve been told we can’t get a new screen from naim, so can anyone confirm if tidal should work.

If it should work anyone got the menu path if I need to turn something on, even if it’s by touch.


Also out unitiqute mk 1 logs in fine to tidal, and both are dhcp on the same network, so unlikely it’s a local network issue.

Cannot help re: your tidal question but on the screen front I’ve recently had the screen on my NDS replaced by Naim. I’d be surprised if the NDX screen differed (I have a NDX too). Cost in the uk was £159 plus £20 one way shipped on a ‘screen only repair’ basis which in this crazy price world didn’t seem too bad to me. For me on an nds it was a worthwhile expenditure but obviously proportionate to s/h value a bigger decision on an NDX.

I asked cymbiosis and they said no. I think because it’s 24/96 the newer ones are fine. Mid/late 2014 isn’t it? Are ok. But my 2011 isn’t. The French guy does ones but need to do some soldering at very small levels to get it working

You need the upgraded (24/192) streaming board for Tidal to be available.

You used to be able to have units upgraded, I had mine done but I think stocks of the boards have now been exhausted.

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Cheers…. Poop

Raspberry Pi streamer into it then I guess, should have just got the dac instead, hahahaha

There are other options available if you wish to stream Tidal.
MConnect and Bubble App (Android only) will stream Tidal or even Qobuz to your NDX.

More expensive but better options are available but this may cover your needs just fine.

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Yeah I’ve already got a raspberry pi, but was hoping to retire it, oh well :slight_smile:

No pi needed unless you wanted to run full fat Bubble Server :slightly_smiling_face:

IMHO it’s worth it though plus you then transcode FLAC to WAV and internet streaming should be pretty much as good as local streaming.

Got a large qnap :slight_smile: going to try Moode as a nice interface for local stuff.

I have the bubble app (container actually) running on my QNAP and it streams Qobuz quite nicely with the Kazoo App.

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You need the 24/192 board to be able to log into Tidal via the Naim app and also you need the 24/192 board to be able to get the screen replaced as the currently available screens needs software module that won’t run without the 24/192 board.

Unfortunately the 24/292 board is no longer available from Naim as the key semiconductors (eg the processor chip) are no longer made.

I bought myself a used Primare NP5 for a couple of hundred quid and connect it to my Gen 1 NDX - Qobuz sounds fab with the NDX acting as a DAC only.

Yep lots of ways of doing it. I only needed to know if it would work natively I know how to get it working none natively I just asked if I can do it natively, the answer is no :slight_smile:

If I can find a way to close the thread it’s been sued and answered, thanks for all the replies.

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