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I have a problem with my recently purchased NDX streamer. NOS 2017 vintage
I had turned it off as I was going away for a few weeks and upon returning home and switching back on, the right hand channel has no output.
I have tried bouncing the output by selecting DIN and then back to phono but it is still rather depressingly silent. Also read the book of words but as it is not displaying a fault code I can see, it was of no help
Obviously as it is still under warranty I will be returning it to the factory, but I was wondering if there was anything else to try.
Also, is the return procedure just a matter of taking it to a Naim dealer for return or do I need to contact Naim first.

Yours feeling a little morose


Sounds like possibly the channel analogue output relay might have failed.
Have you tried connecting phono… I believe they use different relays so that might work… but hardly a solution…
To the dealer/Naim it should go… your dealer should take care of it all for you.

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You need to talk to your dealer about any return, as Simon says. No harm in phoning Naim support first, just in case they have any suggestions.
Are you certain that the fault is in the NDX, not your preamp, or the cable? Can you try a DIN to RCA cable, a different RCA to RCA, or reversing the connections on your existing cable?

Thank you for the replies. I eliminated everything in the chain and it’s definitely the NDX. The Streamer has been returned to the dealers who is sorting everything out and says it should be about 3 weeks.

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