Ndx remote problems and streaming drop outs

Hi folks. Looking for some advice re my newly serviced and repaired NDX please
NDX returned from Salisbury on Thursday of this week
Full service and replacement screen as well as other components replaced
Prior to being sent for repair remote control worked seamlessly as did streaming i radio however; since its return the remote control appeared to be broken
The remote was not sent to naim
Searching on line for advice I discovered a way of checking whether the remote was operating
Advice wss to use the camera on my mobile ; point remote at camera in a darkened room and press any key
If firing the camera on the phone will be able to see IR and indicating whether the remote is activating or not
In this case the remote appears to fire with the IR being visible via the phones camera
So the remote appears to be operating correctly

Other advice suggested the fact the NDX had been serviced may have resulted in the remotes IR codes requiring to be re set
Advice to turn off NDX then turn back on whilst pointing the remote at NDX and holding the aux i and disp keys down at same time would reset ir codes and pair the remote with NDX

No luck having tried this either

I am also now having frequent drop outs on i radio
In particular bbc hd streams which repeatedly drop out after a few minutes
Station lists disappear with streams not playable/available

I found this on the naim forum and despie this being related to NDS I feel this may well be the issue with my NDX

can anyone offer any other advice or has anyone else had a similar experience please

At the moment its looking like the NDX may need to be return to Salisbury however thatcwould means that I will be without music agaim fir a few weeks which is something I am keen to minim/avoid
Lengthy rant for my first post I know :heart_eyes:

Maybe one of the admin or naim staff could assist please

Thank you

Tam etherson


Hi Tether10 & welcome to the forum,

Sorry to hear that you are having these issues. The NDX internals are quite different to the NDS, so I wouldn’t think it would be the same problem.
Have you tried fitting new batteries in the remote (just to rule that out)?
Could you try a factory reset please?
Press & hold front panel OK button & navigate to Factory Settings, then navigate to Reset All Settings.
This will set the unit to the default IR code, which should match the remote in Aux, i & disp mode.
If you wish to provide me with an RMA number, I can check to see if anything was done to your unit that may have influenced your i-radio problem, such as a new streaming card being fitted.


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Hi Neil
Thank you very much for your quick response, much appreciated

I have already changed batteries in the remote and cleaned the terminals in order to ensure a clean connection; unfortunately this made no impact on the remote issues

Earlier yesterday I carried out the factory reset you described and again carried out the aux, i and disp procedure with no change either

Ongoing constant drop outs on only BBC i radio which i have never had any similar issues with in the past

Maximum 10 minutes listening before cutting the stream on BBC

I can continue to stream bbc in another room on a Sonos system with no interruptions whilst this issue is occurring on my ndx; not entirely sure if this is relevant

Im pretty sure my internet connection is robust as streaming movies etc is never an issue

Radio Paradise however streams flawlessly for unlimitted periods

I am a night duty worker so do not have access to the RMA number at the moment as im 8n the work place however; i will post asap once I return home in the morning

Thanks again for your assist it is very much appreciated



Tether, if you go on the research function of the forum, tap BBC radio, you will see 4 threads on it, describing issues with BBC radio streaming. It can help.

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Hi Tether10, as FR points there are other threads on this BBC iRadio problem.
However it has to be noted it’s not a common problem, I too have NDX & all the BBC stations I use have been faultless.
My intuition says it needs to go back to Naim, it might also help them solve the other thread problems.

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Thanks Mike-B
Neil {staff} is going to assist mate but i tend to agree with you

Thanks frenchrooster

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THnk you for your help


Hi Thether10,

Nothing was done to your unit that would influence the streaming problem.* I will do some digging about the BBC streaming services & see what I can find out.
As for the remote issue, we did replace the logo & as the IR receiver hides behind it as an integral part, could potentially be the cause of the problem. Although we have a soak period after repairs are carried out, unfortunately it’s not unheard of for things to fail beyond that period.
I would suggest sourcing another remote before requesting an RMA for the NDX. Perhaps your dealer has one you could borrow, if not give tech support a call & explain the situation. I’m sure they will send one out to you.


*Unless it is a software issue as we updated it to current spec.

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Thank you NeilS
I have no doubt the ndx left the factory in top notch condition
Either my remote is faulty or the ir receiver has come dislodged in transit
I will contact my dealer and see if i can borrow a spare remote
If the replacement remote operates the unit then i can simply purchase a replacement
In the event the replacement does not operate the ndx we can discuss were we go from there
As for the bbc the issue aooearz to be chronically consistent only on those streams :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Thanks again for your support


Hi Neil S
Guys in servicing were a great help
Sent me an alternative remote which has confirmed an isdue as this does not operate the unit either
My dealer is assisting from here on in

Thanks Neils and servicing dept you guys are
Fantastic support and service yet again from NAIM



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Hi Thether,

That’s disappointing to hear, I think in which case you have to count yourself as unlucky.
I personally put the replacement remote in the post as tech support are currently off site - so I was really hopeful it would solve the problem!
Hopefully your dealer will get it back to us quickly - we try to prioritise re-repairs where we can when they arrive at HQ so I hope you won’t be without it for too long.


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Thankbyou Neil S

Frustrating? A lityle however you guys have been Greaaaaat!!!

I will put you remote in the box when the unit is being shipped backvto the Mother Ship

Thank again for the support Neil

Top drawer :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

No problem - it’s what we’re here for!

Here’s hoping you receive a pristine, fully working unit this time.

All the best

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