NDX servicing

Has anyone here had their NDX serviced and was there any improvement in sound ?
I dropped my NDX off at my dealers yesterday for a screen replacement. Had a choice between service, repair or both. Opted for repair.

I get home plug in my trusty old Pioneer N-50 and immediately realise that the NDX is lacking in the top end, something I’d put down to the 250 needing a recap.

So, before I phone my dealer and change to service/repair, the question is has anyone noticed an improvement in sound after a service ?

Many thanks

If it helps your decision making process, here’s the list of components changed on my UQ1 when I had it serviced back in December.

It was gone a month or so, so a bit hard to recall any difference for sure. How old is your NDX?

My UQ is a 32**** serial number, 2012.

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Thanks for the response @gthack.

I think it’s from around 2013, bought second hand. So probably due a service in Naim terms but these things are more computer these days and was unsure.
Could always sell it if I’m still unhappy afterwards I guess ! :grinning:

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The computer bits are computery, it’s the caps, diodes and USB cable that I was pleasantly surprised about - felt like the service cost (admittedly before the increase) was well worth the parts and labour. Plus I do not intend to sell it/upgrade it, so a bit of an investment on that basis.

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The thing is if you don’t get it serviced while it’s there, you will forever wonder if it could be better. And if it is gone a long time, then you will never really know the improvement, so you can happily convince yourself that it must be better :wink:

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It’s a real dilemma. Do you spend £929 on something that is only worth about £1,200?


Ouch! I wonder if Darren at Class A deals with these

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I have to say, I spent £500 on having my (£450) UQ1 serviced.

I used to run nice old Audis, they cost more than they were worth to keep on the road, but I got to drive lovely cars.

I now have a lovely sounding flexible little amp that should give trouble free listening for years. And I put a service through Naim, a manufacturer I would like to see continue making HiFi gear. Plus I supported my local dealer. It isn’t everyone’s approach, but I think it was worth doing.

Plus, the echoes from the service cost thread should be to speak with your dealer regarding pricing :slight_smile:


This actually illustrates the absurdity of Naim’s last price list and the nonsense that the dealer will be able to navigate it sensibly. This dealer didn’t.

When my SuperUniti was serviced, fitting a display that worked properly was part of what they did. It would be a nonsense to service an NDX without replacing a failed display. And it’s not as if there were any great skill in diagnosing the fault if the display unit has failed.

I think the answer to the question is: give it a service and fix the display. The dealer should be asking Naim what the charge will be for that work, not expecting the customer to understand the obscure new pricing system.

Anyway I will say no more about this as last time I commented on the new service/repair price list, my postings were summarily removed.


Thanks all, going to give them a call on Tuesday to get it serviced and see what the outcome is.
Will update this when I get it back.


Would be interested to hear feedback - I’m in the same boat re. servicing a lightly used 10yo NDX. Don’t want to change it having just slapped a deposit down on a 282; it’s got to last a few years longer yet!

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Yes curious about the corroded USB cable and changed diodes… perhaps the item is used in a relatively humid environment? But the diodes are curious, usually unless damaged by heat these tend to last for decades I believe … perhaps the part was replaced by a more performant alternative.

You have the 192/24 streaming module now…so your NDX can now fully breath for the first time in its life :grinning:

Ah, sorry Simon, that’s the parts list for a service on my UnitiQute - I was hoping it was useful for the OP to see what a c. 12 yr old gen 1 streamer had replaced at service. But yes, I am pleased with it! I won’t pretend I could recall exactly how it sounded better after being without it for a month or so whilst it was away, but very happy on its return. It is in a different room to my main system, and the acoustics are better, so bass definition better in some ways than my XS3 into Neat SX3s!

I owned it for a year before sending off for the service, dry environment where I am, but no idea about the first 10 or so years of its life - a beach hut perhaps :slight_smile:

Got you :grinning:

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So, updating this in case anyone cares !

NDX has just been collected from my dealer and I am three tracks in.
Screen was replaced as part of the service which makes sense. So just the service cost.

Sound is great better than I remember, higher frequencies are there where they had practically disappeared before.

All in all I’m very happy and it was definitely worth doing.


The screen on my 9 year old NDX can now only be seen in a completely dark room but I really haven’t used it since the set up process. Does a service include the latest firmware upgrade as well as the screen replacement? What does it cost?

Yes, they upgraded the firmware as well.

Cost was £549 plus £30 carriage.

Thanks for that. Does this work need to be done in Salisbury or can Sheffield handle it?

If you’re referring to Class A I believe they don’t do streamers or Unitis. A dealer should be able to do the firmware update if you are having problems with it, and a few of them may be able to replace a screen, but a full service would need to be done at Naim.

Other than the screen, do you know what the service actually includes? Thinking of having mine done (screen was replaced a few years ago).