NDX/SN2/Hi-Cap to NDX2/282/250DR/XPS DR - what’s the best upgrade path?

After around 18 months with my current system (NDX/SN2/Hi-Cap), I’m now looking to start on the path to an end state of NDX2, 282, 250DR, XPS DR. Next week I should take delivery of a Fraim Lite with room for 4 boxes. I’d welcome advice as to what order I should swap out my current kit. I’m planning on making my next move in the next week or so.


You have a wonderful system, what is it that you are not happy with?

Hi Andy

Have you heard where you want to end up?
You don’t mention what speakers you are using?

I have done what you have and am where you want to be excluding the XPSDR as in all honesty that did nothing for me when I heard it.
The 282/250 combo is a huge improvement over the NDX/Supernait sonically but you want to hear for yourself if spending that sort of money.
I won’t get into the XPSDR again as it’s been discussed a lot lately. Just give the search function a try to find more info on that.

I would do the NDX2 first. Ultimately it doesn’t make a difference what order you do things if you know where you want to get to and if it’s in a reasonable time frame.
Is the HiCap a DR, as that is a must in my opinion and no doubt high up for most.



250DR using SN2 HC Pre

Skip 282 aim for 252



Here we go Graeme! :joy:

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You are right, it’s a great system and I love it. There is nothing about the sound that I don’t like, but I know that I can get even better sound and even more enjoyment. That’s what’s driving the move.

I have a 282 in a second system and now a 252 in my main system and I am strongly inclined to agree.

However, if the 282 really is your end game, then I would go for the XPSDR and HiCapDR power supplies first. They will both enhance the current system and be part of the end game system when the NDX2, 282 and 250 can be sourced. In the meantime, you will still have a very nice system to enjoy throughout the upgrade process.

If you can do it all in one go, great. If not, then consider a path that will involve the fewest compromises as you proceed.

Ultimately it won’t really matter, because your current system is still very good.

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Hi Popeye,

I’ve listened to it all, but in different systems. I’ve heard the NDX2 with the SN3, and the 282/250 with an NDX. The one piece I’m missing is the XPS DR.

Current speakers are Neat Motive SX1, but they will also be upgraded. I’m currently thinking either Dynaudio Evoke 50’s or Sonus Faber Venere S, but I’ve not heard either as yet so that could change.

Yes the Hi-Cap is DR.


I have the 282/250dr ndx2 w/o xpsdr with linn lp-12 ,rega aura into harbeth m30.1, still a very good and balanced system. Since a good part of the current naim equipment was purchased used at a substantial savings. I would suggest you keep your eyes open and watch for the pieces you want to become available. They may not come up in the order you want, but makes more sense to get them as they become available.


If you get the chance audition a SL interconnect, made an improvement far bigger for me than the XPSDR on an audition.
Been the only change I’ve made my wife has instantly noticed the improvement.

That’s saying something. :crazy_face:

Go on stages. Skip XPS and go for a 2nd hand 555.

Then 282/250.

It’s a great end system.

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The immediate issue is that with that target system you’ll need capacity for five boxes, so you’ll need a base and four levels. Also, I’d go for full Fraim from the off. The Lite really isn’t commensurate with a system at the level you are aiming for.

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The OP states that he takes delivery next week of the Fraim lite, so let’s not go there…

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I’ll go where I like, thank you very much. Orders can be cancelled. Why buy Fraimlite only to upgrade later and lose money?

You always do! :roll_eyes:


If the Fraimlite is a bargain price, it’s a good choice. 80% of the Fraim performance.
The OP can add isolation devices later and still upgrade it.

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This is spot on sage advice. Your SN2 has a lot more it can give yet. Indeed, I’d add the NDX2 to the SN2 first as well.


As long as you are confident that the system you are aiming for is right for you, I really wouldn’t worry too much about the order in which you upgrade. If in doubt, always start with the source and you can’t go wrong.
If your dealer is any good, you may be able to trade in your existing gear to coincide with availability of ex-demo units or other customers trade-ins.
The Supernait is particularly flexible in that you can add either a preamp or a power amp to it, so if a great deal on a 250 comes along, grab it. You’ll have a bit of a mullet system for a while, but then you’ll have the preamp upgrade to look forward to.

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I’d personally consider and demo two options: 1) NDX2 + SN2 or 2) SN2 + 250DR

I added a 250DR to my SN2 in my old system, and that was a substantial improvement. And personally id go with that option.

The other thing to consider is that power amps are more mature products and have longer update cycles, whilst things are being updated / improved at a much faster rate at the digital source end, and your options are much much wider. So updating your amps gives you more flexibility in the future - e.g. say a 372.

Lastly congrats on the Fraim lite purchase, I actually think its much better looking than Fraim

@AndyL68 I would look at source first, I am still using my 2014 NDX as source.

start with NDX2 and then look at 2 routes SN3 or 282/250DR and then choose the path - I went down seperates route from the start of my jourmey loved my 282 which I had with both HCDR & SC